How do you check when a table is last updated in Oracle?

If you want to find, when a table was last modified like insert,update ,delete, then use the dictionary table dba_tab_modifications.

How do you find the last inserted record in a table in Oracle?

If you do not have date or timestamp defined in your tables, retrieve the last inserted row in the database using the “ROWNUM” command.

  1. Open SQL*PLUS and log in to Oracle.
  2. Select the row last inserted into the Oracle database using the “ROWNUM” command. For example, type:
  3. Type “; ” to run the SQL query.

How do I find the last DDL on a table?

The last DDL time is easy: select last_ddl_time from user_objects where object_name = :tab; As you’re finding, if you’ve not got auditing, last DML write time is a little trickier…

How do I query a timestamp in SQL Developer?

You can decide how SQL-Developer display date and timestamp columns.

  1. Go to the “Tools” menu and open “Preferences…”
  2. In the tree on the left open the “Database” branch and select “NLS”
  3. Now change the entries “Date Format”, “Timestamp Format” and “Timestamp TZ Format” as you wish!

How do I find the last modified date in SQL?

You can use sys.proceedures to find the date of the most recent modification for stored procedures;

  1. SELECT [name], create_date, modify_date.
  2. FROM sys.procedures.

What are the DBA tables in Oracle?

DBA_TABLES describes all relational tables in the database. Its columns are the same as those in ALL_TABLES .

What is Max Rowid in Oracle?

ROWID is a pseudo column in Oracle.. It has no meaning of first, last, middle, or otherwise. SELECT MAX(ROWID) will get you some row. 2). In a relational database, there is no concept of first or last row in a table.

How can I get last record of a table in SQL?

to get the last row of a SQL-Database use this sql string: SELECT * FROM TableName WHERE id=(SELECT max(id) FROM TableName);

How do you get DDL of a table in Oracle?

  1. Statement 1. CREATE TABLE My_Table (COLUMN1 VARCHAR2(1), COLUMN2 NUMBER(1)) Table created.
  3. Statement 3. select DBMS_METADATA.GET_DDL(object_type, object_name) from user_objects where object_type = ‘TABLE’ and object_name = ‘MY_TABLE’

Is Grant a DDL statement?

Data Definition Language (DDL) Statements Grant and revoke privileges and roles. Analyze information on a table, index, or cluster.

How to find when a table was last modified in Oracle?

Check dba_tab_modification: As you can see, the dba_tab_modification is not showing any rows. Now you need to flush the info , to update the dba_tab_modification table. SQL [SYS@TCB01]SQL>>]exec DBMS_STATS.FLUSH_DATABASE_MONITORING_INFO; PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

How to get the last record in a table?

If you want the last record inserted, you need to have a timestamp or sequence number assigned to each record as they are inserted, then: select * from t where TIMESTAMP_COLUMN = ( select max(timestamp_column) from T ) and rownum = 1; will get the “last” record. It is the ONLY way. followup to the first 6 comments below

When was the last time, a table was accessed?

I’m using the SQL below to find the list of segments getting full table scaned and how many times they have been full table this SQL is correct with respect to this. as long as you understand the dba_hist views are samples in general – so the number might not be *exactly* dead on – but closer than close enough…

Is there a way to rebuild an oracle table?

You can rebuild the table with ROWDEPENDENCIES which will cause the ORA_ROWSCN to be tracked at the row level, which gives you more granular information but requires a one-time effort to rebuild the table.