How do you complete the well of souls Lego Indiana Jones?

Have Indy stand on the platform on the left. Switch to Marion and have her hop up and grab the rope. Switch back to Indy and whip swing over to the other side. The platform will crash through the wall.

How do you beat level 4 on Lego Indiana Jones?

Use Indy to whip swing across to the ledge against the far wall, where you’ll find a shovel. Use it to dig up the pieces for a ladder. Build it and climb to the next whip platform above. Use the whip to pull down the LEGO panel ahead, forming a bridge.

What are the secret characters in LEGO Indiana Jones?

Below are the five dolls and their general locations.

  • C-3PO – Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Lost Temple.
  • Chewbacca – Raiders of the Lost Ark, City of Danger.
  • Leia – Temple of Doom, Free the Slaves.
  • Luke – Raiders of the Lost Ark, Into the Mountians.
  • R2-D2 – Last Crusade, Desert Ambush.

Who can scream in Lego Indiana Jones?

Girls are the Jar-Jar Binks of Indiana Jones Lego, they can jump higher and Willie can scream to break glass. But, she’s tough in a fight and can solve puzzles so not completely stereotyped.

What are the cheat codes for Lego Indiana Jones?

LEGO Indiana Jones: Items

  • Artifact Detector – VIKED7.
  • Beep Beep – VNF59Q.
  • Character Treasure – VIES2R.
  • Disarm Enemies – VKRNS9.
  • Disguises – 4ID1N6.
  • Fast Build – V83SLO.
  • Fast Dig – 378RS6.
  • Fast Fix – FJ59WS.

What is poo treasure in Lego Indiana Jones?

When you have the Poo Treasure feature turned on, the animals, like elephants, will drop studs instead of “poo.” This requires that you also have the Fertilizer feature turned on as well. With fertilizer on, you get poo. With both on, you get “poo treasure”!

What are the red boxes in Lego Indiana Jones?

A parcel is an unlockable extra that you can purchase in the mail room at Barnett College in Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures. In order to be able to purchase these, however, you must find them in the levels, and then put them in their mailboxes.

What does Super scream do in Lego Indiana Jones?

Super Scream is an Extra that makes your scream deal damage and stun enemies.

What is Super slap in Lego Indiana Jones?

The Super Slap action, creates a more massive effect on a Character(s) rather than an ordinary Slap.

What is beep beep in Lego Indiana Jones?

An option that lets players honk the horn on most vehicles.

What does disguise do in Lego Indiana Jones?

LEGO Indiana Jones Q & A

Cheat What it does
Disguises All characters will wear those funny glasses with the fake nose and mustache.
Silhouettes All characters look like they just crawled out of a tar pit.
Beep Beep Ride a vehicle and honk the horn by pressing the Use Ability/Tool Button.
Ice Rink All surfaces are slippery.

How does Indiana Jones get to the well of Souls?

Break down the wall for a Treasure. Now walk to the other side of the room and put the orange panel on the column and use it to rotate the column. Move the column by the hanging rope on the other side of the room. Send Indy up the rope and hop across to the other column.

How to build a sphinx in Lego Indiana Jones?

Break down the wall and use the pieces inside to build a Statue Head. Take the Head and put it on the statue base on the right side of the ramp. The ramp will become stairs once again. Blow up the silver statue to the left of the stairs for a Treasure. Hike up the stairs and grab the Brown Block on the sphinx’s right foot.

How does Indy move the column in well of Souls?

Send Indy up the rope and hop across to the other column. Switch characters and have Sallah move the column Indy is standing on (you’ll have to hold the column in place while the wooden platform is moving into place). Whip swing over to the other side and again have Sallah rotate the column.

Where are the holes in the well of Souls?

Bust through the wall on the left side of the room and collect the Object. Put it on the green pad at the top of the room. Now pick up the Yellow Ball on the floor nearby and put it in one of the three holes in the wall. Have Sallah dig in the patch on the left for another Ball to place in one of the holes.