How do you explain admire to a child?

Definition: To appreciate and respect an object, quality, or person. (So, if you look at someone with a feeling that it’s amazing, you’re admiring them.) Activity 1: Write about someone you admire. Ask your child to write a short paragraph about a person he/she admires.

What is the meaning of greatly admire?

1 : to feel respect and approval for (someone or something) : to regard with admiration They all admired her courage. 2 archaic : to marvel at. intransitive verb. dialect : to like very much …

What does it mean when someone says I admire?

transitive verb. If you admire someone or something, you like and respect them very much.

What is the same meaning of admire?

applaud, praise, express admiration for, commend, approve of, express approval for, favour, look on with favour, think highly of, appreciate. respect, rate highly, hold in high regard, hold in high esteem, look up to, acclaim.

How do you admire someone in words?

75 Compliments to Use When You Want to Say Something Nice

  1. 1 Your positivity is infectious.
  2. 2 You should be so proud of yourself.
  3. 3 You’re amazing!
  4. 4 You’re a true gift to the people in your life.
  5. 5 You’re an incredible friend.
  6. 6 I really appreciate everything that you do.
  7. 7 You inspire me to be a better person.

How do you admire someone?

To ‘admire’ someone is to look up to someone with respect because of who they are and what they do. For example, you can ‘admire’ your parents because they are good role models. Or you may admire a world leader or a public figure because of the work they are doing.

What is the full meaning of appreciate?

verb (used with object), ap·pre·ci·at·ed, ap·pre·ci·at·ing. to be grateful or thankful for: They appreciated his thoughtfulness. to value or regard highly; place a high estimate on: to appreciate good wine. to be fully conscious of; be aware of; detect: to appreciate the dangers of a situation. to raise in value.

Does admiration lead to love?

Key Difference – Love vs Admiration This could either be a platonic form of love or else a romantic form of love. Admiration is a great respect that we feel for another person. The key difference between love and admiration is that while love focuses on affection, admiration focuses on respect and approval.

What a man admires in a woman?

Men love women who are thoughtful, caring, loving, and kind. A woman who does little things for her man for no other reason other than that she loves him. A woman who makes him smile back whenever she smiles at him. A woman who radiates love and warmth from her heart.

How do you admire someone in one word?

  1. adore,
  2. adulate,
  3. canonize,
  4. deify,
  5. dote (on),
  6. hallow,
  7. idolize,
  8. revere,

What do you say to make someone feel special?

Here are 13 other things to say.

  1. “I’m Proud Of You”
  2. “You Make Me Want To Be A Better Person”
  3. “I Love The Person I Am When I’m With You”
  4. “Are You OK?”
  5. “You Inspire Me”
  6. “I Genuinely Appreciate You”
  7. “I’m Sorry”
  8. “I’ll Always Have Your Back”

What does it mean to admire someone?

The definition of admire means to regard someone or something with amazement, delight and approval.

What is the synonym for admire?

admire(v. a.) Synonyms: [Rare.] wonder at, be surprised at, be astonished or amazed at. admire(v. a.) Synonyms: like much, think highly of, have a high opinion of, prize or value highly. admire(v. n.) Synonyms: [Rare.] wonder, marvel, be surprised or astonished.

What is a word for someone you admire?

Another word for admire. Another word for admire word list. Below are a number of words whose meaning is similar to admire. adore. applaud. approve. delightin. enjoy.

What is the definition of admired?

Definition of admire. 1 : to feel respect and approval for (someone or something) : to regard with admiration They all admired her courage.