How do you fix the glitch in Batman Arkham origins?

Reset Video Settings

  1. Access your Arkham Origins folder (Steam\steamapps\common\Batman Arkham Origins\SinglePlayer\BMGame\Config)
  2. Remove the BMEngine. ini file.
  3. Start up the game again, it should be restored to Default settings.

How do you unlock Burnley comms tower?

Burnley Comms Tower Unlock Guide

  1. Approach the tower from south.
  2. You should see this window.
  3. Use your remote claw to create a zipline.
  4. Use the zipline …
  5. … to smash through the window.
  6. Once inside, hack fake the comms tower.
  7. Pull on the grate.
  8. At this point I got stuck because of the PC version of the game glitch.

How do I restore the comms tower in the industrial district?

How to Unlock Industrial District Comms Tower

  1. As you approach the comms tower from the east you need to grapple onto that ledge.
  2. There are 7 bad guys waiting for a whoopin’
  3. Once you get rid of the goons Enigma gets in touch.
  4. Approach the green panel and smash it.
  5. Drop from the north side of the building.

Can you see where the madness began riddle?

Can you see where the madness began? The riddle is rather untypical, as it requires you to scan an area beyond Arkham City, to the east of Amusement Mile to be precise. It’s Arkham Asylum, the place where the action of the first game took place (screen above).

How do you get the glue grenade in Batman Arkham origins?

Also Batman will initially delve into his mind, but you do not really have to do anything special here and only reach the place where you will witness the scene of Bruce Wayne’s parents being murdered. Talk to Alfred and go to the workshop to collect a new gadget – The Glue Grenade.

How do you use the remote claw in Arkham origins?

The remote claw can also be used to attack enemies. Players need only launch the claw into one enemy and then spear another to knock them together for damage. Enemies can also be linked to nearby objects as well.

How did Black Mask escape Arkham City?

In the campaign, Black Mask was chased out of the meat locker by one of the four playable characters and fled onto a moving train that was smuggling weapons into Arkham City.

What is the concussion detonator for?

The Concussion Detonator is a gadget used by Batman that attaches to enemies and allows Batman to stun and disorient those caught in its explosion, giving him ample time to dispose of the enemies.