How do you get the secret medals in infiltrating the airship?

During the credits of the “Rapidly Promoted Executive” ending, click the Team Fortress 2 logo that appears on the computer screen. This will cause the TF2 Scout to appear and shout “EEEEEEEEHH” and once he has finished shouting, you will get the medal. It’s at the Music portion of the credits.

What is the code for in infiltrating the airship?

After the Airship crashes in the desert and the Center for Chaos Containment steps in, the flash drive can be seen in the drawer with four disks Wilson Stone must choose from. Clicking the flash drive reveals a code from Karl, which reveals the code 1-2-1-4.

How many endings are in infiltrating the airship?

The game has four different endings and one fake ending. The game introduces the Government and the Toppat Clan – two opposing factions that would play major roles in Fleeing the Complex and Completing the Mission.

Is Henry Stickmin mute?

Henry is a mostly silent protagonist, often letting his actions speak for him.

How do you get ranked PD in fleeing the complex?

All versions

  1. Rank: GI. Win the game through the “Ghost Inmate” pathway.
  2. Rank: PD. Win the game through the “Presumed Dead” pathway.
  3. Rank: CA. Win the game through the “Convict Allies” pathway.
  4. Rank: IRO.
  5. Rank: TB.
  6. Golden Boy/Notorious Failster.
  7. Rise ‘n Shine.
  8. Waldo / Waldorf.

How do you get the bruUGHNO achievement?

bruUGHNO: To get this medal you need to click on all three moons. The first one can be found during the airport section of the PD ending. Number two can be found during the Transfer Cells Blockade. Click the button that looks like a Mario Kart Item block.

How do you get the big sword in Henry Stickmin?

The Big Sword is a weapon seen in Completing the Mission during the “Free Man” pathway. It is one of 3 weapons Henry Stickmin can choose from after locking himself in Armory 7 of the Toppat Orbital Station, with three armed Toppats standing outside to capture him.

Does Henry Stickmin like Ellie?

Ellie has a genuine, friendly relationship with Henry in Convict Allies and any pathway of Completing the Mission that picks up from there, accompanying and aiding him in whatever is his mission, and even though their teamwork sometimes leads to failures, Henry and Ellie make a “good team” as described by her in Triple …

Can you play Henry Stickmin in fullscreen?

You can access the beta branch by right clicking the henry stickmin collection and clicking on properties. Then you need to go to the beta branch and opt into the beta. After doing this the game will download and you can go into the in game options and enable fullscreen.

How many endings are in Henry Stickmin?

There are 5 endings.

Who is Henry Stickmin best friend?

Charles Calvin
Charles Calvin is the deuteragonist of the Henry Stickmin series, appearing as the deuteragonist of Infiltrating the Airship and Completing the Mission, and the tritagonist of Fleeing the Complex. He is a helicopter pilot who works for the Government and helps Henry Stickmin during his missions.

How to get Henri stickmin medals in airship?

Henri Stickmin Medals – Infiltrating the Airship These are all the medals of Infiltrating the Airship, also how to get them explained: Rank GSPI medal: Win the game through the Government Supported Private Investigator pathway Rank RPE medal: Win the game through the Rapidly Promoted Executive pathway

Why does Henry stickmin want to infiltrate the toppat airship?

The Government has trouble capturing a collective of criminals known as the Toppat Clan. They are unable to pin them to criminal charges, thus they can not take legal action against them. Henry’s mission is to infiltrate the Toppat Airship in an effort to bring them to justice.

How to get Henri stickmin Sneaky Escapist medal?

Use the drill then the crowbar. Click the left arrow then Click the up button. Click when it says click very fast, although you really only have to click once. Sneaky Escapist medal: Get the Sneaky Escapist ending.

How many achievements are there in infiltrating the airship?

1.16 You win! Infiltrating the Airship had 19 achievements in the original release, and 17 in the updated Remastered version . 1.10 Braaagghh..