How do you open the regi door in Pokemon Emerald?

Fly to Petalburg City or Dewford Town and go to Route 105. Regice’s cave is located there. Once inside, do a clockwise lap around the cave, staying by the wall the entire time. The door will open.

How do I get to the sealed chamber in Oras?

The Sealed Chamber is a hidden area that can only be accessed after diving through an underwater trench on the south side of Route 134. The first room has several stone tablets with a secret braille-like code.

What does the Braille in Pokemon Emerald say?


How do I open the Regirocks chamber?

The Sealed Chamber can be accessed by Diving in the middle of the rock formation in Route 134. The rock formation can be found towards the bottom of the Route, about halfway through. In the Sealed Chamber, walk to the Braille sign at the far end of the cave. Stand in the middle and use Dig.

Can you catch Regigigas in Emerald?

How do I get Regigigas in Emerald? Regigigas is a Generation IV Pokemon, and only appears in games past Diamond and Pearl. Nothing in the game closes them.

What do I do in the sealed chamber?


  1. The player first needs a Wailord, Relicanth, and a Pokémon that knows Dig.
  2. The player has to Dive down and go to the back of the underwater area.
  3. The player has to use Dive in front of the Braille.
  4. The player should then be in the Sealed Chamber.

What does the Braille say in the sealed chamber?

The braille on the door says to use Dig. This opens an entrance to the second room, if performed while standing near the door.

How do you get Reggie Rock?

To catch Regirock, you need to simple walk on all of the circular pads on the floor, so they’re all lit up. Once they are, interact with the statue and Regirock will appear for a battle!

Which is better Latios or Latias Emerald?

Neither one is better, they are each good in their own situation. They are very similar, Latios has slightly more Sp Att and latias has slightly more Sp Def, but that is quite minor. One of the biggest differences in them is their mega’s. Mega Latios has more Sp Att and Attack, while Latias has more Defenses.

What do you do in the sealed chamber in Pokemon Emerald?

It will have a message in braille that says,”Use Dive”.Then use dive and you end up in a kind of cave.You will notice there will be tons of rock formations with more braille,don’t mind those.Go to the end and you will find a cracked up wall with a braille message.When you read it,it will say “Use Dig” (I think).Well…just use dig.

Where to find the sealed chamber in pacifidlog?

It can be reached by diving on Route 134. It is not a common place to visit, as it is well hidden under the water and through the currents on Route 134. Legends are told about the Sealed Chamber, but only few people from Pacifidlog Town know its true existence.

Where do you find Wailord in sealed chamber?

Wailord is based on the whale, a creature whose ancestors once lived on land but have since evolved to live in the ocean. A colored background means that the Pokémon can be found in this location in the specified game. A white background with a colored letter means that the Pokémon cannot be found here.

What do you need to know about the sealed chamber?

Legends are told about the Sealed Chamber, but only few people from Pacifidlog Town know its true existence. It must be visited to unlock the caves that hold the Legendary titans .