How do you turn in Turnitin?

Log into your Turnitin account (if you are not sure how, click here for information)Within the All Classes Tab, click the relevant class link.Click the submit button beside the relevant assessment piece.Enter the submission title.Choose the location of your file.Navigate to your file and select.Click upload.

Can you turn in a paper twice on Turnitin com?

Yes, Turnitin keeps a permanent file with regards to the essay you previously submitted. So it will still show up in the system even decades after you have submitted it.

What does orange mean on Turnitin?

Orange: 50-74% Red: 75-100% Example: If you get an orange 52% similarity percentage, that means that 52% of your paper is exactly the same as other sources found by Turnitin.

How does turnitin work?

Turnitin matches the text within an assignment by comparing a student’s submission against an archive of internet documents, internet data, a repository of previously submitted papers, and subscription repository of periodicals, journals, and publications.