How do you use Awlspar varnish?


  1. Apply one coat of Awlspar M3131 mixed 1:1 by volume with T0016. Allow to dry 8-12 hours.
  2. Sand the surface with 320-400 grit paper.
  3. Remove sanding dust.
  4. Tack off with Awlgrip #73009 Tack Rags.
  5. Apply coats of Awlspar M3131 two to four hours apart.
  6. Above 75 F, two to three coats may be applied per day.

How do you use Awlwood varnish?

Final Coat Application For best results, the final coat should be applied in optimal conditions: out of direct sunlight and in minimal wind. Early in the day is best. Reduce the final coat of Awlwood 10% by volume. Apply the final coat removing any heavy sags or runs but do not overwork the product.

What is the toughest varnish?

PolyVine Heavy Duty Floor Varnish. This is the hardest of all ‘one pack’ varnishes. An ultra hard, high quality coating with a satin or dead flat finish that dries to a crystal clear film with extremely good sanding properties allowing a very high quality of finish to be obtained.

Can Awlwood be applied over varnish?

Awlwood MA is best applied to new wood rather than over old varnish. While it is compatible with the Interlux product line, failure of the original varnish could result in failure of the Awlwood finish.

How do you mix awlgrip 545 primer?

Spray: Mix by volume one part 545 base with one part D3001 to a smooth homogenous mixture. Reduce up to 25% with T0006. Overall mix is 1:1 1/2 by volume. Example: 8 oz 545 base, 8 oz D3001, 4 oz T0006.

What is the best heat proof varnish?

The Ronseal Ultra Tough clear varnish range is an ultra-tough polyurethane varnish which provides a rich, clear, mellow finish to interior wood that is ideal for use over wood dyes. The varnish is heat, water and scratch-resistant with long lasting protection against knocks, and most household chemicals in the home.

What is the best varnish to use on a kitchen table?

So, when it comes to someone who just wants to do a quick DIY job, the best finish for kitchen table would be a wipe-on, oil-based polyurethane. This is the best finish for wood kitchen table, as it has the appearance of an oil-rub finish, the application is simple, and it offers great surface protection.

Can you varnish over cetol?

Varnish over Cetol? While some customers have reported good results applying 1-part polyurethanes over marine wood finishes, we do not recommend using traditional varnish over any of the 3 wood finishes referenced here.

How long does Awlwood last?

If totally sealed and kept at room temperature (15°C or less) the remaining product will be ok for up to 6 months. How many brushed coats do I need on new timber? 1 coat of Awlwood MA Primer and 6-8 coats of Awlwood MA Finish as a minimum.

How long does it take for awlgrip to dry?

Anticipated Cure Time at 77°F/50% R.H: 24 hours to tape free; 3 days to light service; 14 days for full cure. Recoatability: Spray applications consist of three or more coats applied over 1-4 hours.

How long does it take for awlgrip 545 to dry?

12-16 hours
Allow to cure for 12-16 hours. advice if necessary. For wood substrates, first seal the wood with a light coat of 545 Epoxy Primer (spray) reduced 40% with T0006. Allow to cure for 12-16 hours.

Is varnish waterproof?

Polyurethane, varnish, and lacquer are tried-and-true sealants with excellent waterproofing properties. They’re either brushed or sprayed onto clean, sanded wood and then allowed to dry completely, prior to the piece being lightly re-sanded and recoated.