How do you use snow storm Ultra?

Snow Storm Ultra

  1. Soil: Typically use 5 ml (1 tsp.) per gallon of water and apply every watering or every other watering.
  2. Hydroponics: Use 2 ml per gallon and run continuously. Be cautious if running nutrients over 800 ppm.
  3. Foliar: Much more economical. Use 2-5 ml/ gallon and apply once a week.

When should I start snow storm Ultra?

Just spray once or twice a week during early and mid-bloom. Soil usage: 1 teaspoon per gallon of water beginning in early veg. Snow Storm is one of our products where more is often better.

What is snowstorm Ultra?

Snow Storm Ultra is the trichome stimulant that makes the plant a more snowy and frosty. Features: Increases trichomes. Provides the development of new trichomes. Enhances the production of resins and oils.

How do you use purple Max?

Soil Usage: Use 1 tsp/gallon of water beginning 2-3 weeks before harvest. For some strains, increase to 2-3 tsp/gallon for extreme intensification. Best to continue through flush if you are flushing. Hydro Usage: Same as Soil.

Is gravity a PGR?

We took our proprietary kelp extract used to make Gravity Flower Hardener to a new level with amino acids, plant extracts and hypoxanthine derivatives. No PGR’s!

What is a snow storm?

A snowstorm is a very heavy fall of snow, usually when there is also a strong wind blowing at the same time.

What is purple Maxx used for?

Purple Maxx used to be called Stacker and has been shown to improve essential oil production. Purple Maxx is a combination of organic compounds that encourages plants to “stack” their flowering sites closer together, producing more flowers.

What is the best bud hardener?

General Hydroponic KoolBloom Available as Liquid KoolBloom or Dry KoolBloom, this additive is widely regarded as the best bud hardener out there.

What is Flower hardener?

Grow More Water Soluble Flower Hardener is widely used in agricultural industry and horticultural application, special ingredients designed for immediate utilization by the plant provide balanced N-P-K, multiple sources of nitrogen and fully chelated micro-nutrients.

What kind of winter is predicted for 2020 2021?

The U.S. 2020-2021 Winter Forecast The Almanac is calling for a ‘Wild Card Winter’ in some southern parts of the country, meaning conditions could turn from mild to serious or visa versa. The west and southwest regions should see a dry, generally mild winter this year, without too many surprises.

What was the worst blizzard in Colorado?

The Holiday Blizzard I was an intense blizzard that covered the Colorado Front Range, the Colorado Eastern Plains and surrounding states. It began on December 20, 2006 with a powerful blizzard which crippled the region, forcing the closures of Interstate Highways 25, 76 and 70, as well as U.S. Routes 36 and 85.

How do you use a Purpinator?

PURPINATOR® can be used during the entire life cycle of your plant.

  1. Vegetating phases of growth (Week 1-4): Add 2-5mL per gallon of water.
  2. Early bloom phase of growth (Week 5-9): Add 6-15 mL per gallon of water.
  3. Late bloom phase of growth (Week 10+): Add 20-30mL per gallon of water.