How fast does a Sea Ray 185 Sport go?

The most fuel-efficient cruise speed was 26.4 mph at 3,000 rpm….Performance.

Cruising speed 26.4 mph at 3,000 rpm
Top speed 49.2 mph at 5,000 rpm
Miles per gallon at 26.4-mph cruising speed 7.3
Gallons per hour at 26.4-mph cruising speed 3.6
Range at 26.4-mph cruising speed 146 miles

How much is a 2005 Sea Ray 185 worth?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $23,505 $13,590
Options (Add)
Total Price $23,505 $13,590

How much does a Sea Ray 185 Sport weight?

2,599 lbs
The 185 Sport has sizzle, check out the reverse sheer line and the dramatic raked windshield, and substance in the extra-deep cockpit and bow….Compare.

Base price $28,792 (USD)
Draft up 0.43 m (1′5″)
Draft down 0.86 m (2′10″)
Dry weight 1,179 kg (2,599 lbs)

Is The Sea Ray 185 Sport a good boat?

In all, this sporty 18-footer succeeds as a family fun boat: it’s got seating capacity for eight, comfort, performance, good build; it’s well appointed and represents very competitive buying at $45,390 with the engine upgrade, two-tone paint, clip-in carpets, bimini top, heavy-duty Felk trailer and more.

How long is a Sea Ray 195?

6.2 m

Base price $32,603 (USD)
Dimensions / Weight
Length overall 6.2 m (20′2″)
Beam 2.3 m (7′6″)

How much does a 1997 Sea Ray 175 weight?


POWER BOATS Length Weight (lbs)
175 BOW RIDER(**) 18′ 2050
175 BOW RIDER(***) 18′ 1850
175 BR FISH & SKI(***) 18′ 1950
185 BOW RIDER(**) 19′ 2700

How much does a 1998 Sea Ray boat weigh?


POWER BOATS Length Weight (lbs)
280 SUN SPORT 28′ 6400
Sundancer Series
240 SUNDANCER 24′ 4300
240 SUNDANCER 24′ 4300

How long is a 185 boat?

Color Options

Approx. Boat & Engine Weight 2470 lbs 1120 kg
L.O.A 18′ 5.5 m
LOA w/ extended swim platform 19′ 6″ 5.9 m
Max HP 250 HP 186 kW
Maximum Capacity 1200 lbs 544 kg

Why are Sea Ray boats so expensive?

During the economic downturn and through the recovery, the direction of Sea Ray’s once successful business model suddenly changed. Instead of focusing on particular price points, Sea Rays got bigger and more loaded down with electronics, options, and larger engines. They also got more expensive.

What is the longest Sea Ray?

In 1996, however, the builder stretched the Sundancer concept to a whopping 63 feet with the largest Sundancer in the history of the series: the 630. The 630 was the largest Sundancer ever built by Sea Ray, and it’s designed for luxury inside and out.

What type of boat is a Sea Ray 185 Sport?

This 185 is the ‘Wakeboard Package’ model , which includes a tower with an integrated bimini top, board racks, snap-on bow & cockpit covers and extreme tone graphics. It is a lovely FRESHWATER boat and shows true pride of ownership, with diligence to maintenance and care, and features the upgraded V6 190hp engine.