How high are the waves in Santa Cruz today?

Current Surf Report for Santa Cruz Current Conditions

High 6:03AM 10.33ft
Low 12:13PM 1.48ft
High 6:29PM 9.87ft

Is the surf good in Santa Cruz?

Santa Cruz is well-known for its surfing and surf culture and is one of the best places for surfing worldwide, and you’re in luck because Santa Cruz is one of the best places to travel in the fall as well, so put it on the list because it might be time for a Santa Cruz family vacation.

What is surf like in Santa Cruz?

The coastal town of Santa Cruz is laden with sandy beaches and breaking waves. In other words, it’s a surfer’s dream. Lovingly nicknamed “surf city,” the waves in town have something for all levels. From gentle waves to dangerous crashing swells, Santa Cruz has surfing hot spots made for every surfer.

How do you check for ocean swelling?

Swell speed is measured at nautical miles per hour or knots. (1 knot is 1.2 miles on land.) In order to work out the speed that a swell is travelling multiply the wave period by 1.5. The result is the speed the swell is travelling in knots.

How big are the waves at Pleasure Point?

Current Surf Report for Pleasure Point Current Conditions

High 3:45AM 3.97ft
Low 8:29AM 3.02ft
High 2:27PM 5.44ft
Low 9:45PM -0.39ft

What is the temperature of the water in Santa Cruz?

Santa Cruz is a city close to pacific ocean. temperate climate with cold and dry summer would be the climate here. September is the month with the highest water temperature at 57.9°F / 14.4°C….Santa Cruz Summary.

Description Value
Current water temperature /
Warmest Month Air Temperature: September with 61.5°F / 16.4°C

Where can I surf in Santa Cruz for beginners?

Santa Cruz Surf Spots

  • Cowell’s. A good starting point; 109 Beach St, Santa Cruz, CA 95060.
  • Capitola Jetty. Great for beginners; San Jose Ave & Esplanade Capitola, CA 95010.
  • Steamer Lane. Hazardous surf; West Cliff, Santa Cruz, CA 95060.
  • Pleasure Point.
  • Manresa State Beach.
  • The Hook.
  • 30th and East Cliff.
  • Natural Bridges.

Can beginners surf at Pleasure Point?

Located to the east of Santa Cruz, Pleasure Point is a gentle break point that offers consistent waves for beginners. The Hook, located near the intersection of East Cliff Drive and 41st Avenue, is also a solid spot to catch a wave. But be aware that you won’t find much of a beach to take breaks on.

Is Santa Cruz good for beginner surfing?

One of the best beginner spot in all of Cali! Definitely crowded, with lots of beginners and surf schools. The most famous surf spot in Santa Cruz.

What is a good swell for surfing?

Swell size The size of the wave, or swell height, is a measure in feet or meters. If the surf forecast says 1-3m (3-9ft), then it’s usually a good time to go surfing. 3m waves are not appropriate for beginners, but experienced surfers take on waves of incredible height.

Where can I surf at Pleasure Point?

See if you can find Pleasure Point’s signature surf spots: “O’Neill’s”, “once in a whiles”, 38th Avenue, The Drain Pipe, The Hook, Shark’s Cove, Privates and Trees.

What’s the surf forecast in Santa Cruz CA?

Detailed Santa Cruz surf forecast maps and the latest eyeball surf report from local surfers in the region. Near-shore swell is shown on the map together with the surf forecast rating for spots in Santa Cruz.

How often does the weather in Santa Cruz update?

The forecast updates every 6 hours and most live weather reports update every hour. You can animate the Santa Cruz Surf map or show live wind and wave conditions as reported from wavebuoys and local weather stations. Surf breaks shown along the Santa Cruz coastline are also listed below. Wave Height ( ft) & direction (?) Period (s) (?) Energy (?)

When does the swell start in Santa Cruz?

S swell starts winds down. Low tide through mid-morning looking like the ticket if you’re trying to shortboard with mostly clean conditions. Softer surf before and after that tide window.

Where to find the best surf in Nicaragua?

Welcome back to your favorite surf report brought to you daily from the gorgeous Emerald coast here in Nicaragua. Where the weather is warm, the waves are tasty, and the Tona is pumping. Time to wax up the stick and go pack some tubes with the crew. Bam!