How long is Karnali bridge in Nepal?

500 m
Karnali Bridge/Total length

Who is the designer of Karnali bridge in Nepal?

Steinman Boynton Gronquist
The Karnali cable-stayed bridge was designed by Steinman Boynton Gronquist and Birdsall, New York and the construction was completed by Kawasaki heavy labs of Japan in1993.

Where is Karnali bridge?

Karnali Bridge/Location
The bridge spans the Karnali River between the Kailali District and Bardiya District of western Nepal. The bridge was constructed by Kawasaki Heavy Industries of Japan. The bridge lies in Mahendra Highway at Chisapani at the border of Kailali and Bardiya district.

When was Karnali bridge made?

Karnali Bridge/Opened

Who is the longest bridge of Nepal?

Kothiyaghat Bridge
Neelam Chaudhary, 23, fishes in the Bhangalo Geruwa channel, below the Kothiyaghat Bridge in Nepal’s Bardiya district. It is the longest bridge in Nepal.

Which is the 2nd longest bridge in Nepal?

Rapti River
TULSIPUR: The construction of Nepal’s second longest bridge over Rapti River has been completed in Dang district. The bridge connects Sisahaniya of Rapti Rural Municipality with Mahadeva of Gadawa Rural Municipality in the district.

Which is the shortest bridge of Nepal?

Baglung Parbat Footbridge
Owner Nepal Government
Total length 567 m (1,860 ft)
Height 122 m

What is the tallest waterfall in Nepal?

Hyatung or Hyatrung Falls (Nepali: ह्यत्रुङ्ग झरना) is the second highest waterfall in Asia and first in Nepal….Hyatung Falls.

Hyatrung Jharana
Elevation Approximately 1500 metres high from sea level
Total height 365 metres
Total width 200 metres
Average width 200 metres

Which is the smallest bridge of Nepal?

Which is the tallest bridge of Nepal?

Kushma Gyadi Bridge
Riding on Kushma Gyadi Bridge, the Tallest and Highest Suspension Bridge in Nepal.

Which is Nepal longest bridge?