How many campsites are in Awenda Provincial Park?

six campgrounds
Car Camping Awenda offers camping in six campgrounds. Sites are shaded beneath Sugar Maples and Red Oaks and are spaced further apart than many other provincial parks. All of the sites in Wolf and some sites in Hawk Campground offer electrical hook-ups.

Are there bears in Awenda?

A total of 41 mammal species have been reported in Awenda Provincial Park including a surprising representation of larger species such as the Eastern Wolf, White-tailed Deer, Moose and Black Bear. Mammals are such a diverse group and can be found in a wide range of places in the park!

Is there cell service in Awenda?

All sites in all of the campgrounds at Awenda Provincial Park are in a forest setting. Most are large, private and have good spacing. There are no open spaces. Cell/internet service is generally not available (I was able to get some spotty service down by the lake).

Which is best beach at Awenda?

Beach 3
Beach 3 is a sheltered beach located in the curve of Methodist Bay. It is the sandiest beach in Awenda.

What town is near Awenda Provincial Park?


Awenda Provincial Park
Location Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada
Nearest town Penetanguishene
Coordinates 44°50′29″N 79°59′33″WCoordinates: 44°50′29″N 79°59′33″W
Area 2,915 ha (11.25 sq mi)

Is there bears in tiny Ontario?

Even the black bear, a top wildlife sight in Ontario’s northland, has been sighted more frequently in Tiny in recent years. Black bears are active from mid-April to late fall, and especially enjoy beech forests whose nuts are a favourite food.

Are there bears at Murphys Point Provincial Park?

Staff at Murphys Point Provincial Park also reported seeing a bear in the area last weekend. Bears eat about 18 to 20 hours a day, said Barry Radford of the Ministry of Natural Resources, so food is the main reason they end up near cottages and campsites.

Are there bears at Six Mile Lake?

Six Mile Lake Provincial Park is a beautiful area for campers new and experienced to simply kick back and enjoy the beauty of Muskoka. If you are newer to camping in the area, it should be noted that this is bear country. Steps should be taken to bear-proof your campsite, especially at night prior to going to sleep.

What is the best campsite in Awenda Provincial park?

Best for families: Snake Campground is the closest to the park store and activity centre, with quick road access to the beaches. It’s radio-free and dog-free. Best for hikers: Hawk campground sits well away from the waterfront and activity centre, for easy access to trails, less traffic, and laundry facilities.

How many beaches are there in Awenda?

four beaches
Awenda Provincial Park has a lovely beach trail which runs 4 km along the Georgian Bay. Connecting all four beaches, it’s an easy 60-90 min hike if you want to experience it all in one go.

Which province in Canada has the most national parks?

By province/territory

Province/Territory Number Parks
Manitoba 2 Riding Mountain, Wapusk
New Brunswick 2 Fundy, Kouchibouguac
Saskatchewan 2 Grasslands, Prince Albert
Prince Edward Island 1 Prince Edward Island

Where to go in Awenda Provincial Park in Ontario?

An outdoor vault privy/outhouse is located on site. Outside of the cottage visitors can relax on the large deck overlooking Georgian Bay, chairs are provided, and enjoy the beach, swimming area, fire pit and picnic table. A barbeque is located on a covered porch.

What kind of campsites are at Nova Park?

There are a variety of campsites including pull-in sites with grill, fire ring and picnic table, RV sites with electric-only service, RV sites with full service, and general tent sites. There are also family specific sections and group sections in both Bull Run and Pohick Bay.

Where can you go camping in Nova Scotia?

Camping is available for public use in Bull Run and Pohick Bay, and organized youth groups in Blue Ridge, Bull Run and Pohick Bay Parks. There are a variety of campsites including pull-in sites with grill, fire ring and picnic table, RV sites with electric-only service, RV sites with full service, and general tent sites.

Are there any Radio Free campgrounds in Awenda?

Deer and Bear Campgrounds are designated radio-free while Snake Campground is both radio-free and dog-free. All six campgrounds are serviced by drinking water taps, vault toilets and a central comfort station complete with flush toilets and showers.