How many mermaid Tales are there?

In this start to a new series starring Shelly the mermaid, a classroom conflict is no fun—even when school is 20,000 leagues under the sea.

What grade level is Mermaid Tales?

Mermaid Tales Book List. Book 1 Summary: Mermaids Shelly and Echo are excited to begin third grade at the prestigious Trident Academy, but snooty Pearl, jokester Rocky, brilliant Kiki, grumpy Mr.

Where did the legend of mermaids come from?

Archaeologists have found accounts in Mesopotamian mythology of Oannes, a male fish-god from over five thousand years ago. One of the earliest mermaid legends appeared in Syria around 1000 BC when the goddess Atargatis dove into a lake to take the form of a fish.

How do mermaids poop?

This vent is on the underneath of the fish’s body, close to one of the fins towards the tail end. If you have a pet fish, you might have seen it swimming around with something stringy-looking dangling underneath its body, near its tail? That’s its poo!

Do mermaids fart?

Mermaids’ Mammalian Anatomy Farts Based on the direction of the tail movement—mammals move their tails up and down while fish move their tails back and forth—mermaids are mammals and would have the internal digestive track of a mammal. Since nearly all mammals fart, then mermaids would fart, too.

What is the cheapest mermaid tail?

Probably the cheapest and most well known brand for a basic silicone tail is The Mertailor (Realistic silicone mermaid tails made for swimming made by Mertailor). The cheapest version with just one colour and no additional fins is the basic silicon tail, at US $595.

Where can you find mermaid tails?

Founded in 2017, Got Mermaid operates out of the city of Seattle and offers silicone tails. Located in Florida, they offer fabric tails with a rubber monofin. Based in France, Odine sells fabric tails.

How much are mermaid tails?

Price. You can find basic fabric mermaid tails in kids’ sizes starting at $15 to $30. High-end fabric options in adult sizes cost $90 to $150. Expect to pay between $1,500 and $3,000 for a custom-made silicone mermaid tail for swimming.