How much do 823 heads flow?

By contrast, the 823, rec-port heads featured a 2.165/1.59 valve combination and peak flow numbers of 317 cfm on the intake and 223 cfm on the exhaust.

What LS motor has 823 heads?

A Look into LS Cylinder Heads

Casting No. Description Valve Sizes Int./Ex.
373 / 873 LQ4 2.00 / 1.55
364 / 716 / 823 L92 / LS3 2.165 / 1.59
452 LS7 2.20 / 1.61

What do the numbers on cylinder heads mean?

This number is a representative figure of how a given head will perform on an engine by simulating how much air it can flow. For example, a Dart 24-degree, 308cc rectangle port Iron Eagle big-block head can deliver 325 cfm of air at 0.500-inch valve lift on the intake side.

What CFM are LS3 heads?

As delivered from TEA, the LS3 heads offered peak intake flow numbers of 365 cfm, while the exhaust flow checked in at 241 cfm. These peak numbers were combined with impressive mid-lift flow numbers that led the field at 0.300 and 0.400 lift.

What’s the best stock LS head?

The LS6 was designed specifically by GM to surpass the LS1 as the best performance head, and it did such a good job that the “243” casting was recycled on the LS2. Aside from the LQ9, which is a copy of the LS6, these are the best performing of the OEM cathedral ports.

Can you put LS9 heads on a LS3?

Running a cylinder head intended for a larger bore size can result in valves crashing into the block. For instance, you cannot install an LS3, LS9 or L92-style head on an LS1 or LS6 block due to valve interference with the block deck. LS3 and LS9 blocks can use LS1, LS6, LS2, LS3 or LS9 heads.

What heads on LS2?

LS2 engines, due to the larger 4.000-inch bore design, allows it to run LS1, LS6, and LS2 cathedral port heads in addition to the newer rectangular port LS3/L92 heads.

What are the best LS heads to run?

What degree are big block Chevy heads?

A factory big-block Chevy head has 26-degree intake valves canted 4 degrees, and 17-degree exhaust valves canted 4 degrees. With the Victor heads, we changed the intake valve angle to 24 degrees with a 5.5-degree cant, and exhaust valve angle was flattened to 14 degrees.

Are all cylinder heads aluminum?

Most Cylinder Heads are cast iron or aluminum. The right material for you depends on the answers to these questions: What are you using them on?

Are LS3 heads good for boost?

Just as they had on the naturally aspirated engine, the LS3 heads offered more power under boost, but the extra power also increased the backpressure. The boost pressure peaked at 7.6 psi, but dropped to 6.4 psi at 7,000 rpm.

Are 243 heads better than 706 heads?

The 243 head has 2.0″ intake valves and 1.55 exh. The 706 uses 1.89 and 1.55 respectively. The 243 is an excellent head, but losing compression coupled with a larger intake valve in a tiny bore engine isn’t a good combo in comparison to the 706.