How much do silver Labs usually cost?

While pure Chocolate Labs, Yellow Labs, and Black Labs from reputable breeders may cost anywhere from $500 to $1000, Silver Lab puppies typically sell for $800 to $1500.

Are silver Labs hard to find?

Characteristics Of The Silver Lab. While the Silver Labrador is rare in some countries, it is becoming a more popular breed in the US. However, a Silver Lab is still harder to find than a Black Lab, Yellow Lab or Chocolate Lab and you could end up paying upwards of $1000 for your Silver Labrador puppy.

What is bad about silver Labs?

Silver Labs suffer from the same health issues as other purebred Labs. Including a predisposition to joint problems and to over-eating! On balance though, Labs are a fairly healthy and well constructed breed, free from some of the disabilities that plague some other purebred dogs.

Do silver labs have more health issues?

Some of the most common problems Silver Labradors experience include hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, cataracts, ear infections and progressive retinal atrophy. Many also experience coat and skin problems, and they may suffer from hot spots more than some other breeds.

Do silver Labs play fetch?

Fetching and swimming are any Lab’s favorite ways to play. A game of fetch in the pool can create some of the best fun for Silver Labs. They also enjoy games of chase and can even learn to play tag with you. Toss a ball or a frisbee and watch them catch it right out of the air.

Is there a silver Labrador Retriever Breeder in Iowa?

We are one of the few Labrador breeders to have silver labs in Iowa. Our goal at Pinyan Labs is to offer lab puppies of the highest of quality, second to none. Whether you are looking for silver labs, charcoal labs, or a silver factored chocolates, you can rest assured that our lab puppies are of top quality.

What do you need to know about County silver labs?

County Silver Labs strives to breed healthy, high quality AKC Registered Labrador Retrievers for the purpose of becoming the next member of your family. Our Labrador Retrievers… Country Silver Labs believes our Labrador Retriever’s size, health, and temperaments are superior.

Who are the owners of silver family farm labs?

Hi! Welcome to Silver Family Farm Labs! My name is Stephanie and along with my husband Todd and our 4 daughters and 1 son, we raise and breed AKC registered black, yellow, chocolate, charcoal (dilute black), champagne (dilute yellow) and silver (dilute chocolate) Labrador Retrievers in Central Iowa.

What kind of dog is a Silver Lab?

Our silver labs and charcoal labs are AKC purebreds and are absolutely gorgeous! They have the traditional look and characteristics of a lab, with an attention grabbing color of silver or charcoal. Our silver labs and charcoal labs have a dual purpose for us.