How much does a 50 hp Yamaha 2 stroke weight?


Engine Two Stroke 3 Cylinder
Weight* 72.0 Kg (159 lbs.)
Alternator Output Optional: 12V, 130W, 11A (Standard on Electric Start Model)
Max. RPM Range 5,150 – 5,850
Start In Gear Protection Standard

Is a Yamaha 50 a 2 stroke?

2000 Yamaha 50 HP 3 Cylinder Carbureted 2 Stroke 20″ Outboard Motor.

How long will a Yamaha 2 stroke outboard last?

Two-stroke outboard motors can reasonably live between 1,500 to 2,000 hours before needing major maintenance, and 4 stroke engines can last longer. All engines will last even better with proper maintenance and preventative measures.

How much horsepower does a Yamaha 50 have?

The Yamaha Midrange 70-, 60- and 50-hp four strokes. Solid choices for any boater….Specs & Compare.

Engine Type i4
Displacement 1.0L
Bore x Stroke 65 x 75mm (2.56 x 2.95 in.)
Prop Shaft Horsepower 50hp at 5500 rpm
Full Throttle RPM Range 5000 ~ 6000 rpm

How much does a 40 HP 2 stroke Yamaha outboard weight?

Weight – 152 lbs. 140 psi compression on all 3 cylinders. Fully Rebuilt Powerhead.

Are 2-stroke outboards still available?

Yamaha and Mercury have stopped producing direct-injection 2-stroke outboards (Tohatsu still builds a few), but the latest-generation 4-strokes weigh the same as 2-strokes and offer the latest digital advances.

How many hours is alot for a 2-stroke outboard?

A typical two-stroke or four-stroke outboard engine should provide 1,500 hours of run time. Based on the average use of 200 hours per year, this will last 7-8 years. However, changing your oil every 50 hours of operation and regularly flushing the engine can see your outboard engine last 10 to 20 years.

Are 2-stroke outboards reliable?

One of the biggest things to look for when choosing an outboard motor is reliability. Fortunately, the 2 and 4 stroke motors in today’s market are very dependable. They’re built to last and power any adventure.

What is the lightest 70 hp outboard motor?

Yamaha’s new F70 is not only the lightest four stroke 70 horsepower outboard, it’s even lighter than competitive two stroke direct-injected outboards.

What is the lightest 70 hp outboard?

How many horsepower does a Yamaha two stroke have?

But then it quietly brought back three models: the 50 Classic, the 90 Classic and the 150 EFI. Yamaha currently offers 13 traditional two-strokes in nine horsepower categories, from a little 8-hp, pre-mix kicker to the Vmax 150 V6. Mercury Classic 90. Individually, these motors do not meet the current EPA emissions regulations.

What happens to a Yamaha 50 hp outboard?

When your Yamaha 50 HP outboard is down for repairs, you can’t hit the water. As sad as that is, you know what’s next. If you aren’t on the water, there’s plenty of things to fix around your home.

Where can I buy a two stroke outboard?

You can still buy a traditional two-stroke outboard from Mercury Marine ( or Yamaha (, if you know where to look and who to ask. And if you don’t live in California, where these motors are not available. Back From The Dead The Mercury Classic 50.

What kind of motor does a Yamaha outboard have?

Select Yamaha Outboard Motors Models Below OUTBOARD MOTORS HP Dry Weight (lbs) Volt Thrust 8MSHD 8 60 0 0 9.9MSHD 9.9 79 0 0 15MSHD 15 79 0 0