How much does a 90 horse 2 stroke Yamaha weight?

Specs & Compare

Engine Type Inline 4
Compression Ratio 10.0:1
Fuel Induction System EFI
Weight † 160kg (353 lbs) – 164kg (362 lbs)
Recommended Fuel Octane 87

What kind of gas does a Yamaha outboard take?

“We recommend 87 octane for both our two- and four-stroke motors. We stress the importance of a good, name-brand gasoline.” Additionally, Grigsby says Yamaha recommends the regular use of fuel additives, such as conditioner, stabilizer, combustion-chamber cleaner and gas-line anti-freeze.

Are Yamaha 2 stroke outboards good?

Yamaha’s 2-strokes received high marks for reliability from new boat/motor owners. The boat/engine owners’ answers were then compiled into the engine performance index. 2-Strokes. Yamaha had the highest index score among 2-stroke outboard engines, J.D. Power stated.

How much does a 70 HP 2 stroke Yamaha weight?


Type of Engine 2-Stroke
Horse Power 70
Configuration In-line
Weight 228.00lbs
Fuel Type Gasoline

Is it bad to run a 4 stroke out of gas?

There is no harm in running your motor out of fuel with four strokes engines, but it’s not necessary to do in most cases (again, refer to your owners manual).

Is it OK to mix old gas with new gas?

Can You Mix New Gas with Old Gas? Standing alone, old gas loses its potency- while it can possibly no longer fire up an engine. But many experts agree that it is indeed safe to use up that old gas, as long as you use it up by diluting the old gas, with newer gas in the tank.

How fast will a 90 horsepower outboard motor go?

21-foot pontoon boat with a 90 HP engine could hit 25 miles per hour. 21-foot pontoon boat with a 115 HP engine could hit 28 to 30 miles per hour.

What is the most powerful 90 hp outboard?

KENNESAW, Ga. –(BUSINESS WIRE)–Yamaha Marine adds another power option to its legendary V MAX SHO® family in 2018, the V MAX SHO 90. The smallest of the SHO family is the strongest of all the 90-horsepower outboards on the market, offering class-leading torque and top speed.

Are 2-stroke faster than 4 stroke outboards?

A 2 stroke outboard motor has a faster pick-up speed than a 4 stroke. However, once running, both offer speed and power. The make and model of your outboard motor will be the biggest determining factor as to how fast your motor can run.

How many horsepower does a Yamaha 90 hp engine have?

YAMAHA 90 HP 2-STROKE 90 HP Model: 90HP Brand: Yamaha [Product Type: Engine] Product Specifications Outboard Outboard Weight 119 kg (262.35lbs) Power 90 HP (67.10kw) Competitor Products. YANMAR 4CH25C 103.5HP Compare More info… EVINRUDE 90 HP COMMERCIAL 90 HP Compare

Which is the best Yamaha 4 stroke outboard?

Anderson Associates, a Bremerton-based multidisciplinary engineering services firm… Three Yamaha four-stroke outboards, the Yamaha V MAX SHO® VF200, the Yamaha V MAX SHO® VF225 and the Yamaha V MAX SHO® VF250 have been awarded a Consumers Digest Best Buy rating. “The V MAX SHO® family…

What kind of motor does a Yamaha outboard have?

This optimizes engine combustion, and creates class-leading torque and acceleration, all while reducing mass in the cylinder head and streamlining weight. With 1.8L displacement in a light, 353-pound design, the V MAX SHO 90 leads its class in top speed and torque.

How many amps does a Yamaha V Max Sho 90 have?

The V MAX SHO 90 features a three-phase alternator that produces up to 35 amps. That’s plenty of power for battery charging and accessories, with more to spare. The V MAX SHO 90 offers a 25-inch shaft option, making it a great choice for walleye, bass, inshore and muskie anglers with 25-inch-transom, multi-species boats.