How much does adjustable window tint cost?

What is the cost of electric window tint or smart privacy glass? ElectraTint sells for $49.00 per square foot shipped within the continental United States for our self-installation customers. You will need some additional parts such as at least 1 transformer per 100 square foot which cost $174.99 each.

Is there adjustable window tint?

Smart tint can be adjusted at the click of a button to change the amount of light that penetrates the glass. For vehicle owners, adjustable smart tint is advantageous over older versions of window tinting because it gives the driver the ability to see better whilst driving at night.

Does solar window film really work?

An application of solar control window film will work to provide an immediate, cost-effective and long-lasting solution. Solar reflective film blocks in some cases up to 99% of UV rays , but without reducing the amount of visible light to the naked eye.

Can you turn tint on and off?

You can turn Smart Tint® Film “on” for see-through windows and “off” for private opaque windows from a smart phone, internet web browser or 3rd party control interface.

Is Electric glass Real?

Electric Glass Technology Today it has become a real and easily realized opportunity, because smart glass has appeared on the market. This material has many different names – glass, endowed with varying properties, electrochromic, and travel smart glass.

Do they make transition car windows?

Transitional window film with”Photochromic” technology has been combined with a premium ceramic heat rejection film to give car drivers the best of both worlds.

Does window film ruin windows?

If window film is installed incorrectly, it can damage the seals around your double-paned windows. And, even more unfortunately for the homeowners, this damaged seals and fogged windows must be repaired or replaced at their expense because the manufacturer will no longer honor the warranty.

How long do electrochromic windows last?

Solid-State EC glass does not have this memory capability unfortunately, but has been proven to be very resilient in cyclic tests under extreme temperature conditions and UV exposure, affording a lifespan of around 20-30 years, which is ideal for building facades.

How does electratint smart glass window tint work?

Smart glass has a layer of PDLC film laminated within the glass where as ElectraTint is PDLC film that is applied to the surface of the glass. How Does ElectraTint smart glass window tint work?

Which is the best electrochromic window tint for your home?

Electrochromic window films have become one of the most convenient options for commercial and residential properties looking for privacy. Enhance the interior of your home or office with MHDT. Electrically controlled window tints are one of the best ways to achieve comfort in your home.

Which is the best smart glass window tint?

ElectraTint provides industry-leading customized and state-of-the-art electronic window tint for businesses and smart homes across the United States. Because we use ELECTRATINT electrochromic film, our smart glass tint has the highest clarity on the market, the best off-axis viewing, and the best warranty in the industry.

How to make electrochromic film switchable glass?

1. The cutting edges need to be neat, any cutting burr will lead to the film breakdown 2. The film size should be a little shorter than the glass size 1. Tools & Materials 2. Making the electrode for the first side 1. Wear clean room gloves 2. Using the knife to cut off a strip of one side ITO film 3.