How much does GRE matter for grad school?

A lot depends on a lot. Generally GRE scores are important but as someone has said more important if you score low than high. Some places automatically do not consider applications with low GREs, some don’t. For physical sciences and math, GRE scores below 700 or even 750 would be considered low.

What is an acceptable GRE score?

You’ll receive three GRE scores on your score report, one for Quantitative Reasoning (math), one for Verbal Reasoning, and one for Analytical Writing (the essays)….GRE Scores Range.SectionScore RangeQuantitative Reasoning130–170, in 1 point incrementsAnalytical Writing0–6, in half point increments1 more row

How hard is it to get 320 in GRE?

If you score a 165+ in Quant, you can get away for less in Verbal and still make the total reach 320. However, there’s one small problem. Even though you might be a Math wizard and reaching 160 would be child’s play for you, taking your score from 160 to 165+ will require a lot more work than you did to reach 160.