How much does Roto-Rooter Cost?

According to Angie’s List, Roto-Rooter typically charges between $160–$450 for common plumbing issues such as dripping faucets, line repairs, or clogged drains.

Who is the owner of Roto-Rooter?

Chemed Corp.
Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Service/Parent organizations

Who owns Mr Plumber?

Meet the Business Owner: Oscar L.

What does Mr Rooter do?

Trusted Plumbing Professionals From the water heater to sewer line, let Mr. Rooter Plumbing take the pressure off of you (and put it back in your shower lines). Our plumbers are the most recognized professionals in the world because we’re committed to amazing service and amazing results.

Who is the CEO of Roto-Rooter?

Spencer S Lee (1999–)
Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Service/CEO
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Roto-Rooter Group Spencer Lee oversees Roto-Rooter Group, which is comprised of Roto-Rooter Services Company and Roto-Rooter Corporation.

Is Roto-Rooter too expensive?

Your plumbing needs will dictate cost, but the average cost for a Roto-Rooter contractor or independently owned business is $160 to $450. This includes drive time for a technician or plumber to come to your home. Unlike many plumbing services, Roto-Rooter charges a flat rate instead of by the hour.

Can Roto-Rooter be trusted?

Roto-Rooter is a trusted plumbing, drain and water cleanup company. Plumbers don’t like to quote prices until they’ve laid eyes on the customer’s plumbing problem to determine exactly what it will cost to fix.

How does a Roto Rooter prevent root regrowth?

Kills tree, and shrub roots in sewer lines, storm pipes, and septic systems, prevents root regrowth. Provides fast digestion of organic waste buildup in septic tanks and drain fields.

How big is a Klutch Roto Rooter drum?

Electric Drain Cleaner”, “longDescription”: “Klutch® 60ft. Electric Drain Cleaner drain cleaner is compact and portable for easy navigation and placement. 1/3 HP, 120V motor powers the 13in. dia. steel drum at 160 RPM, sending the 1/2in. x 60ft. flexible wire core cable into clogged 2in.–4in. drains to work its way through the tough stuff.

What kind of drain cleaner does Roto Rooter use?

Pipe Shield® is available only from Roto-Rooter locations. I have a jug of Roto-Rooter® Pipe Shield® liquid drain cleaner. The directions say I should mix two ounces of Pipe Shield® with 32 ounces of water. When I do this, should the total of 34 ounces be applied to each drain or to all seven drains in my house?

How often should I use Roto Rooter pipe shield?

When used as directed each month, build-up can be prevented for up to 30 days. Pipe Shield® is available only from Roto-Rooter locations. I have a jug of Roto-Rooter® Pipe Shield® liquid drain cleaner.