How much horsepower does a Seadoo XP have?

The engine’s displacement was again increased, now to 720cc, rated at 85 horsepower.

How fast is a 1999 Seadoo XP limited?

60 mph
It featured a 951cc Rotax with reed-style intake valves and Sea-Doo’s RAVE exhaust valves. This engine, with 130 horsepower, provided all a rider needed to push the boat to its limits – and a top speed of 60 mph.

What Seadoo has the most HP?

300 HP
Rotax® 1630 ACE™ – 300 engine It’s the most powerful engine on a Sea-Doo with a thrilling 300 HP.

How fast is a 97 Seadoo XP?

1997 Seadoo XP GPS speed of 56.7 MPH with glass water, 1/4 gas in tank, 110 # person driving, completely stock rebuilt engine just after break in, good impeller to ring clearance, 413′ elevation, 78deg air temp.

What is the fastest Seadoo model?

The fastest stock Sea-Doos in 2021 are the RXP-300 and RXT-X 300, and the GTX series. As these are the fastest Sea-Doos on the market, they all arrive with the same 1630cc supercharged engine, which produces 230-300 HP, depending on the model. You can expect 67 mph top speed on these models.

How much is a 97 Seadoo XP worth?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $7,499 $2,660
Options (Add)
Total Price $7,499 $2,660

Which Jet Ski is most reliable?

WaveRunner FX
The most reliable Jet Ski on the market is the WaveRunner FX. The WaveRunner is a model that is created by Yamaha, and it is technically not a Jet Ski. These terms WaveRunner and Jet Ski are often used interchangeably, but only the Kawasaki brand makes the Jet Ski.

What kind of engine does a Sea Doo Challenger have?

The Sea-Doo Challenger is a family of pleasure boats made by Bombardier Recreational Products. They introduced the Challenger in 1996 with a 782 cc, 110 hp, single two-stroke Rotax engine. Now, these boats are available with twin engines that produce 220 hp.

What kind of engine is a seadoo Spark 2 up?

2015 Sea-Doo SPARK 2 UP 900 ACE cylinder head assembly. 1996 SeaDoo XP electrical box and key, CDI, relay and rectifier.

What kind of engine does a Sea Doo RXT have?

Current inventory of SeaDoo engines include GTI 130, GTI 155, GTX 185 super charged long block engine motors for GTX, RXP, Spark, Speedster, Sportster, Challenger and Bombardier. 2009 Sea Doo Wake 155 Engine Motor Cylinder Block 185 215 GTI GTX. 2005 Sea Doo RXT 215 HP 4TEC crankcases, cylinders, crank cases halves.

When did seadoo start to rebuild their engines?

We have been rebuilding engines since 2002, stripping them down to the long or short block and discarding the pistons, rods, rings, bearings, gaskets and oil seals. We only reuse the engine block and rebuild using all new OEM parts.