How much is a YCF pit bike?

It retails for $2999. This isn’t a big bike by any means, as YCF prides itself on being a pit bike company, but 187.2cc is big in the pit bike world. The only Japanese- manufactured part on the YCF is the Keihin carb.

Are YCF motorcycles any good?

YCF now sells bikes in 14 countries. Their popularity is growing as they’re easy to ride and cheap to buy. They run quality parts with the ability for a grown adult to ride them like a full-sized dirtbike.

Where are YCF dirt bikes made?

YCF is a real motorcycle manufacturer, with its own research and development department and its own factory in China which was created in 2009. This has been our key to success.

What brand is YCF?

YCF stands for the Yannick Coquard Factory, founded by Yannick, an MX rider who aimed to bring cheaper bikes that were lighter, stronger, and better than the ‘big four’. The big four being the expensive Japanese brands.

What is a pit bike vs dirt bike?

A pit bike is a small motorcycle used for pit racing and for riding in pits; these bikes are usually used by kids while dirt bikes are motorcycles made to ride on streets and un-even roads.

Which pit bike is best?

Top 5 Best Pit Bikes

  • #1 Coleman Powersports Mini Trail Bike.
  • #2 Apollo DB-X18 125cc Dirt Bike.
  • #3 Tao Tao Dirt Bike DB14 Pit Bike.
  • #4 Razor MX650 Electric Pit Bike.
  • #5 Tao DB17 D125cc Pit Bike.

How fast do pit bikes go?

Pit bikes can reach speeds of up to 60 miles per hour. You may be able to improve their speed by upgrading parts as well. Portability: We’re not saying pit bikes are easy to carry, but they aren’t as hefty as a motorcycle.

Are pit bikes 2 stroke?

Pit bikes typically have four-stroke motors, and they are mostly available in the 50-1400cc range. Pit bikes do not go beyond 250cc, and being as small as they are, it is easy to wonder why they have four-stroke engines. In two-stroke engines, the piston makes two movements in a complete engine cycle.

How much should a pit bike cost?

The best dirt bikes by popular companies cost on average around $8,000-$9,000. Used bikes being sold depreciate about $1,000 for every year of their age; for example, a 2016 dirt bike worth about $8,000 new would be worth about $4,000 now, depending on how well the previous owner cared for the bike.

Are pit bikes worth it?

Overall, a pit bike can be a great investment if you’re new to riding or don’t want to commit to a full-size dirt bike. The skills you learn on a pit bike will transfer over if you buy a dirt bike later on, and in the meantime, you’ll have a lot of fun for less money and hassle.

Is 125cc an adult?

The 125cc Apollo X18 is a perfectly sized dirt bike for adults or teenagers with plenty of power for hitting the trails and a top speed of 55 mph. The motorcycle is a kick start model with aggressive off road tires and plenty of suspension travel for a smooth off road riding experience.