How often does Vistaprint do 50% off?

twice a year
Vistaprint Semi-Annual Sale Promo Code: BIGSALE, 50% Off & Free Shipping. Vistaprint always has great prices but a sale this big only happens twice a year.

How much is Vistaprint free shipping?

There are currently only four ways to get free shipping: Free Shipping on $50: The best deal for new customers is their offer for 20% off (no minimum) plus free shipping on $50+ orders. The 20% discount applies to all customers and any order, but free delivery is reserved for new customers.

Does Vistaprint ever have free shipping?

In addition to Vistaprint’s sales throughout the year, customers can get free shipping with orders of $50 or more. Imagine the savings you’ll get when you add a Vistaprint coupon to your order.

Can you stack codes on Vistaprint?

Can I stack Vistaprint promo codes? No, only one Vistaprint coupon code can be used per order.

Can you use more than one coupon code at Vistaprint?

Remember that only one promo code can be used per order. Vistaprint is only able apply one promo code per transaction. If you have already successfully applied a promo code & then enter a different one that is not valid, we won’t remove the previous code.

How long does Vistaprint samples take?

A: You can expect to receive your sample kit around 5-8 business days after you request it.

Where do I put Vistaprint promo code?

You apply promo codes towards your order during the checkout process. Enter the code in the Promo Code box at the bottom left of the My Shopping Cart page beside the Product Total summary. Click Apply and a green message displays above the box indicating the promo code was successfully applied.

How do I get tax exempt from Vistaprint?

To qualify for exemption, a tax exempt/reseller customer will need to provide Vistaprint customer service with the receipt received at the end of the order and proof of tax exempt status (e.g. exemption certificate or equivalent proof of exempt status) to request a refund of the sales tax paid.

Can you use more than one promo code on Vistaprint?

Vistaprint is only able apply one promo code per transaction. If you have already successfully applied a promo code & then enter a different one that is not valid, we won’t remove the previous code.

How do I get a promo code for Vistaprint?

How do I use a promo code on Vistaprint?

How to Use Vistaprint Voucher Codes. Once you have selected the items you wish to purchase and have added to your basket, you will need to sign in as a guest or into your existing account. You will now see that the code has been applied to your basket with a saving, you can then click “Checkout” to complete your order.

Where does Vistaprint ship from?

They have regional headquarters in Boston, MA, Barcelona, Span, and Sydney, and three shipping facilities for domestic (USA) and international orders. Here’s where Vistaprint ships from: Windsor, Ontario Canada (That’s across the river from Detroit, MI.) processes and ships all orders for the U.S. and Canada.

Do you need a promo code for Vistaprint?

Don’t miss out on this Vistaprint coupon for personalized note cards! No promo code needed. Whether it’s for your business, wedding, event, or just because, this Vistaprint coupon will help you save more on custom postcards available now.

What happens if my Vistaprint code is not valid?

A: If your Vistaprint code is valid, we’ll show you the discount on any applicable products in your cart. And if the code isn’t valid or applicable, we’ll let you know. Q: Where on the Vistaprint website can I see any deals or available coupons?

Are there any discounts for Vistaprint for students?

A Vistaprint student discount is not currently offered by the company; however, students are welcome to use any of the company’s variety of different coupons and promotional offers at any point throughout the year. Students can also benefit from subscribing to the email newsletter to receive weekly deals.

Do you get free shipping with a Vistaprint order?

The company usually has a free shipping sale running at any given time, but you may need to check the website to see what the current free shipping order cutoff amount is, but it is often set to a minimum of $75. Does Vistaprint offer cashback? No. Currently, no Vistaprint cashback option has been made available to customers.