How old is Owelle Rochas Okorocha?

59 years (September 22, 1962)
Rochas Okorocha/Age

What political party is Rochas Okorocha?

All Progressives Congress
Rochas Okorocha/Parties

When was okorocha born?

September 22, 1962 (age 59 years)
Rochas Okorocha/Date of birth

Who owns Rochas Foundation College of Africa?

Rochas Okorocha
It has 21 tuition-free schools across 12 states in Nigeria….Rochas Foundation.

Founded 1998
Founder Rochas Okorocha
Type non-profit organization charitable organization
Headquarters Abuja, Nigeria

Who is the richest in Imo State?

Below are some of the major individuals that are making feats in the state, 50 wealthiest people in Imo state, they are;

  • Catherine Obianuju Acholonu.
  • Pats Acholonu.
  • Adanna Steinacker.
  • Adiele Afigbo.
  • Martin Agbaso.
  • Ezinne Akudo.
  • Anthony Anwuka.
  • Chris Anyanwu.

How rich is Cubana chief priest?

Cubana Chief Priest is a Nigerian businessman, whose net worth according to estimates is $17.08 million. He was able to achieve these figures as a result of his successful career as an entrepreneur and show promoting also bagging some notable endorsement with brands like bullet drink.

Where is Rochas Okorocha from?

Ideato South, Nigeria
Rochas Okorocha/Place of birth

Who is the former governor of Imo State?

List of governors of Imo State

Name Title Took Office
Achike Udenwa Governor 29 May 1999
Ikedi G. Ohakim Governor 29 May 2007
Owelle Rochas Anayo Okorocha Governor 29 May 2011
Emeka Ihedioha Governor 29 May 2019

How do I apply to Rochas Foundation?

How to Apply. Interested Candidates are to visit: and click on student to log into Rochas Okorocha Foundation Scholarship and fill an Application form. NOTE: Application is not on yet.

Who is the richest man in the Igbo land?

Benedict Peters is also one of the richest men in the country. He is the founder of Aiteo Group. This group has business interests in energy and oil. Peters is currently one of the richest and most influential Igbo men in Nigeria, with an estimated net worth of $2.7 billion.

Who is the most richest player?

2019 list

Rank Name Total
1 Lionel Messi $127 million
2 Cristiano Ronaldo $109 million
3 Neymar $105 million
4 Canelo Álvarez $94 million