How Remember Me works in Spring Security?

Remember me is a feature that allows a user to access into application without re-login. User’s login session terminates after closing the browser and if user again access the application by opening browser, it prompts for login. But we can avoid this re-login by using remember me feature.

What is Spring Security used for?

Spring Security is the primary choice for implementing application-level security in Spring applications. Generally, its purpose is to offer you a highly customizable way of implementing authentication, authorization, and protection against common attacks.

What is a Remember Me token?

Remember-me or persistent-login authentication refers to web sites being able to remember the identity of a principal between sessions. This is typically accomplished by sending a cookie to the browser, with the cookie being detected during future sessions and causing automated login to take place.

How many types of Spring Security are there?

Spring 4 Framework has the following modules to provide Security to the Spring-Based Applications: Spring Security. Spring Security SAML. Spring Security OAuth.

What is spring session?

Overview. Spring Session has the simple goal of free up session management from the limitations of the HTTP session stored in the server. The solution makes it easy to share session data between services in the cloud without being tied to a single container (i.e. Tomcat).

How do I enable Spring Security for Web flows?

To enable Spring security for web flows. Explanation: You have to register the flow execution listener SecurityFlowExecutionListener in the flow executor to enable Spring Security for web flow.

What is form login in Spring Security?

Form-Based authentication is a way in which user’s authentication is done by login form. This form is built-in and provided by spring security framework. The HttpSecurity class provide a method formLogin() which is responsible to render login form and validate user credentials.

What do you mean by Spring Security?

What is Spring Security? Spring Security is a framework that focuses on providing authentication and authorization mechanisms to Spring applications. It was started in 2003 as an open-source project under the name of “Acegi Security” before officially being included in Spring Projects.

How do I check if a checkbox is remembered?

After the user login page is open, the cursor should remain in the username text box by default. Verify that there is a checkbox with the label remember password on the login page. Verify the remember me checkbox should mark as checked after clicking on the label text and the check box.

Is remember me insecure?

Remember Me Implementation Will Always be Insecure There is no standard way of implementing secure session persistence. All proposed techniques are vulnerable to the security issue mentioned above.

What is a bean in spring?

In Spring, the objects that form the backbone of your application and that are managed by the Spring IoC container are called beans. A bean is an object that is instantiated, assembled, and otherwise managed by a Spring IoC container. Otherwise, a bean is simply one of many objects in your application.

Which security is best for spring boot?

Spring Boot security best practices

  • Use HTTPS in production.
  • Test your dependencies and find Spring Boot vulnerabilities.
  • Enable CSRF protection.
  • Use a content security policy for Spring Boot XSS protection.
  • Use OpenID Connect for authentication.
  • Use password hashing.
  • Use the latest releases.
  • Store secrets securely.

What does remember me mean in Spring Security?

“Remember Me” in Spring Security. Remember-me is a functionality using which a user can be identified between sessions. It means once the user logins in web application with remember-me option, he will be able to access secure application even after session expired. This is also called persistent-login authentication.

How to create Remember Me Cookie in Spring Security?

Create a remember me cookie with the help of username and password. (Cookie will have expiration period) Hash the cookie and send it back to the browser. In next visit, if the cookie is detected and if its valid, system will perform an auto login for you. Spring security remember me authentication provides the support for the following 2 options

Do you need userdetailsservice in Spring Security?

The UserDetailsService is required for both the remember me authentications.If we have UserDetailsService in the application, Spring security will automatically picks it up. In case of multiple services, we need to pass it to the remember me service.

How to use spring 4 security in Java?

In our example, we are using spring 4 security. CSRF is enabled by default in JavaConfig as well as XML configuration. When we use spring form tag in our UI and JavaConfig is annotated with @EnableWebSecurity, we need not to include HTML hidden input field for CSRF parameter, it will be automatically included at run time.