How To Approach The World Of Front End Development In 2019

Front end development has been extremely busy from a business perspective in the past couple of years. With the addition of many new programming languages to a relatively simple architecture, building a site has become quite a creative process, with more UX and graphic procedures available. Want to approach this very competitive technology sphere? Here’s how you should do it.

Learn HTML, The Right Way

As you may know, front end development is normally related to HTML, CSS and Javascript. These 3 programming languages have been dissected multiple times and HTML and CSS are relatively easy to learn. The best approach would be to tackle HTML by understanding which tags are the most used, how to use headings when writing content and all the redirects which are normally used in today’s era. The right way for you to approach HTML is simple: learn what’s useful, not everything.

Javascript: Why, What and When

In order to learn Javascript, you must have deeply understood the entire variables setup which is normally used in many programming languages, ranging from PhP to C++. Javascript operates with rules and libraries and it’s a programming language which you could use whether if you’re planning on becoming an app developer, an alexa developer or a simple front end developer. In today’s era, JS is the most used dynamically rendered programming language.

How To Learn These

Youtube and the internet as a whole are a gold mine for everyone who’s looking to learn any form of code. With front end development, GitHub is also another great starting point, because it has one of the most active forums on the matter in the world. You can safely learn HTML and CSS in a week, whilst, depending on which library you’re tackling first, JS could take months. The strategy is definitely the same as the one listed for HTML: learn what’s useful and not everything.

To Conclude

Becoming a front end developer may sound like an impossible task, but it’s very doable, especially with the number of resources available on the internet today. 2019 is definitely a big year for devs, and 2020 will be as well.