In what ways are Penelope and Odysseus struggles different?

Penelope takes care of the threat by acting discreetly, while Odysseus fixes the problem with hostility. Penelope’s deference of her remarriage in hope of Odysseus’s return shows a deep dedication. To express anger to disloyal servants and suitors, Odysseus rids them violently.

What obstacles does Odysseus face?

Odysseus faces many challenges on his journey home. To name a few: his sailors are captivated by teh lotus-eaters, he engages in battle with Polyphemus the cyclops, he is caught in a storm sent by Poseidon, and he is captivated by the Sirens.

How does Penelope know it’s really Odysseus?

She tests Odysseus by ordering her servant Eurycleia to move their marriage bed. Odysseus gets angry. He explains that he built their bedroom around an ancient olive tree, and used the top of the tree to make their bedpost. Penelope’s determination to test Odysseus shows that she is intelligent and not easily tricked.

How was the main conflict resolved in Odyssey?

But, because the suitors were natives of Ithaca the suitors relatives went to fight odysseus, but no death had happened in there fight, but the conflict is solved when Odysseus is told to stop or Zeus will get angry and will punish him, thus ending the story. Stop your fighting,men of Ithaca.

How was the main conflict resolved?

In short, there are three main conflicts: man vs man, man vs self, man vs nature. Conflict with a character in literature is usually resolved either with compromise (negotiating) or conflict (violence). Through this resolution, the reader sees how conflicts can compound, and then perpetuate themselves.

What is the main conflict in Part 2 of the Odyssey?

The second great conflict happens when Odysseus arrives back in Ithaca. His house is full of suitors for his wife Penelope. He has to defeat them all, killing each one and Including the unfaithful maids. This great conflict ends The Odyssey.

What is the most important conflict in the Odyssey?

Man v god is the most important conflict in the story. Towards the beginning of the story Odysseus goes to war against the Trojans and wins. What he doesn’t know is that the great God Poseidon favored Odysseus and his army and helped them win the Trojan War.

How many suitors must Odysseus kill?

Once Odysseus returns home (whom Athena initially disguises as a beggar so he can plot his revenge in secret), his son Telemachus tells him that there are 108 suitors: 52 from Dulichium, 24 from Same, 20 Achaeans from Zacynthus, and 12 from Ithaca.

Which suitors does Odysseus kill?

20 from Zacynthos, 12 from Ithaca, and names these: The SUITORS were killed either by Odysseus or by someone in his team, that is, Eumaeus 1, Philoetius or Telemachus. Eumaeus 1 was Odysseus’ servant and swineherd.

What happens after Odysseus kills the suitors?

After Odysseus and his crew kill many suitors, Athena joins in and ends the battle. Telemachus then kills the twelve female servants disloyal to Odysseus. Odysseus finally orders Eurycleia to bring him sulfur and fire so he can fumigate the palace.

What is Odysseus afraid of?

As they sail, Odysseus and his men are afraid of being eaten by Charybdis as she sucks in the water. Odysseus stayed closer to Scylla as he had been warned to avoid Charybdis so he wouldn’t lose his entire ship and crew.

Why did Odysseus kill all the suitors?

Odysseus wants revenge on the suitors. They have wasted a lot of his wealth, by living at his expense during his absence. More importantly, by taking advantage of his absence, the suitors have insulted Odysseus and damaged his reputation.

Who kills Odysseus first?


Who did Odysseus sleep with?

witch Circe

Why did Odysseus kill Antinous first?

why does Odysseus kill Antinous first and in such a sudden, terrible way? He wanted to kill him to make a statement to all the followers of Antinous and stop anyone who has been disloyal to him. They were telling him when they didnt know it was Odysseus.

Why does Odysseus kill eurymachus?

Presumably, it is because he is one of the two leaders of the suitors and Odysseus wants him out of the way. After Odysseus kills Antinous, Eurymachus tries to make a deal with him. Eurymachus tells him that the suitors will make amends for what they have done.

Why did Odysseus kill leodes?

The first is Leodes, who claims that he served as the priest among the suitors. Because he was their priest, Odysseus concludes that he must have prayed for Odysseus’ death. Therefore, Odysseus kills Leodes.

Why doesn’t Odysseus reveal himself to Penelope?

12) Why does Odysseus fail to reveal his identity to Penelope when they are first reunited? Having been away from home for twenty years, Odyssey doesn’t immediately reveal his identity to Penelope because he needs to ensure that he can trust her and that she remains loyal to him.