Is a wider bandsaw blade better?

The wider blades are stiffer overall (more metal) and tend to track better on the band wheels than narrow blades. When cutting thicker material, the wider blade has less ability to deviate because the back end, when in the cut, helps steer the front of the blade, especially if the side clearance is not excessive.

Can I put a wider blade on my bandsaw?

Thicker blades are also more difficult to bend around the band wheels, so most bandsaw manufacturers will specify a thickness or thickness range. Smaller diameter band wheels need thinner blades. In general, thicker and wider blades will be the choice when sawing dense wood and woods with hard knots.

What type of blade is used on a band saw?

There are three main types of bandsaw blade teeth: regular, hook and skip. Regular-tooth bandsaw blades are the most common type. They have straight faced teeth that are evenly spaced and deep gullets. Most regular-tooth bandsaw blades have straight or 0° rake.

What is the widest size of a common bandsaw blade?

In general, it is recommended to use the widest blade your saw will allow and for radius cuts you will want a 3/4″ width or below, depending on the radius you want to achieve….Bandsaw Blade Education.

6-8 Inches .018″
8-11 Inches .020″
11-18 Inches .025″
18-24 Inches .032″

How long should a bandsaw blade last?

On average your bandsaw blade should last 6 months to as long as a few years depending on what your cutting with it. Make sure to match your blade strength and quality to the project and material your cutting.

How do I know what size bandsaw blade I need?

Hold the blade steady so that the mark remains at the floor, and make a finishing mark there on another piece of tape. Measure the distance between the marks made on the two pieces of tape. That’s the length of your bandsaw blade!

What size bandsaw blade should I use?

A coarse tooth blade (2, 3 TPI) should be used for resawing wood and cutting thicker stock up to 8″. A fine toothed blade (18 to 32 TPI) should be used for thinner metals and plastics under 1/4″. For general cutting of 3/4″ wood 4 TPI will provide a fast cut and 14 TPI will cut slow, but leave a smoother finish.

What is a good general purpose bandsaw blade?

Something in the 6-8 range is a good general-purpose blade. Also, hook tooth blades have a deeper gullet/larger tooth and a positive ‘rake angle’ which helps the blade to feed into the material more aggressively. The other blade that I use on my 14″ bandsaw is the 1/2″ 3 TPI hook tooth blade.

How do I choose a band saw blade?

Choose the widest blade possible based on the cuts you will be making. When cutting curves, the width of the blade will determine the smallest radius that may be cut. Smaller width blades are used for smaller radius cuts, while larger width blades are most often reserved for resawing or near straight line cuts.

How many times can you sharpen a bandsaw blade?

It often makes sense to replace a dull blade with a new one, but you can sometimes get the best value out of merely sharpening an old blade instead of replacing it altogether. You should typically be able to get two to three sharpenings before you need to change your blade completely.

How big of a blade do I need for a band saw?

Sizes of our blades range from widths of 4″ to 14″ to fit most large bandsaws. The bands can be welded to practically any length needed for your mill. All of our band saw blades are designed specifically for mills that require large bandsaw blades. We do not make blades for portable sawmills.

Where can I buy a used band saw?

Call us at 905-624-5536. 1324 Matheson Blvd E., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. L4W-2Z7, Fax 905-624-9065 In our showroom. used Grob 4V36 bandsaw just arrived.

Why are band saw blades used in sawmills?

The wider dimension cutting edge and surface of our swage-tipped band saw blades deliver clean and smooth cuts working with large logs and timber. These sawmill blades produce less sawdust to reduce product waste and can stand up to heavy-duty applications.

How big is a saw mill bandsaw mill?

Check out the price evolution of the bandsaw mill. 170″ (14′-2″) x 1.25″ x .042″ x 7/8 saw mill band. The token pictured will be shipped. “The set is still sealed, the case measures inches in length and i have other gift sets for sale, if you are interested” Bandsaw milling jig plans – mill your own lumber.