Is aido in love with Kaname?

He stated that this was probably because of the attention his siblings were giving him; he thought he was the smartest and most important boy in the entire world. Later, however, he actually confesses his love to Kaname in the midst of what seems to be a party.

Who does Hanabusa Aido end up with?

This page is for the relationship between Hanabusa Aido and Sayori Wakaba. They have a son named Seiya together.

Does Akatsuki and Ruka get together?

After he escapes, Yuki offers her blood to Ruka. But suddenly, Akatsuki sucks the blood from Yuki’s wrist and gives it to Ruka through a kiss. With this action, he finally reveals his love for her. It is shown in chapter 93, the final chapter, that they, like Senri and Rima, end up together.

Are Hanabusa and Akatsuki related?

Akatsuki Kain and Hanabusa Aido are cousins as well as students in the night class at Cross Academy.

What is wrong with Ruka Chan?

10 Ruka’s Heart Condition Ruka is a girl with a heart condition that her parents thought would easily kill her when she was younger. Ruka has a heart that beats slower than normal and has never really felt excitement, even when trying to force herself to be scared.

Who kills RIDO Vampire Knight?

When Zero interferes with Rido’s thirst for Yuki, Rido witnesses Zero’s Vampire Hunter power about to explode uncontrollably but was suppressed and maintained by Yuki’s Artemis. Upon controlling his unrivaled power, Zero goes to kill Rido, though the latter escapes from his death.

Why is Akatsuki Kain called’wild’in Vampire Knight?

Akatsuki Kain (架院 暁, Kain Akatsuki) is Hanabusa Aido ‘s cousin and one of Kaname’s “right hands.” He is nicknamed ” Wild ” by several girls of the Day Class due to wearing his shirt unbuttoned. His nickname contradicts his mellow personality.

What kind of vampire is Hanabusa Aido in Twilight?

Hanabusa Aido (藍堂 英, Aidō Hanabusa), nicknamed ” Idol ” by the Day Class girls, is the heir of the Aido family, protector and tutor of Yuki Kuran and the cousin of Akatsuki Kain and Ruka Souen. Hanabusa is an Aristocrat vampire who possesses the ability to freeze matter.

Who are Hanabusa’s cousins in Vampire Knight?

Ever since he was young, Hanabusa has been playmates with his cousins from the branch families, Akatsuki Kain and Ruka Souen. Hanabusa, along with Akatsuki, are known as Kaname Kuran ‘s “right hand men”. Hanabusa first appears when Yuki Cross is doing her job as a prefect in the evening and we see Hanabusa flirting with a few Day Class girls.

Who is the aristocrat vampire in Vampire Knight?

The aristocrat vampire is astonished to find that the ingredient spurring the other students to behave wildly within the tablets is the blood of none other than Sara Shirabuki, another Pureblood attending the school who is under the protection of Yuki.