Is Arcueid a type?

Often called the Princess of the True Ancestors or White Princess, Arcueid is a vampire born as a living weapon to hunt down and destroy the True Ancestors who went rogue and the Dead Apostles, other formerly human vampires created by her kind.

How old is Arcueid?

Arcueid Brunestud
Other names White Princess of the True Ancestors
Relevance Main character
Age 832 in the events of Tsukihime 24 year old appearance
Height 1.28 m (4 ′ 2 ″ ) girl 1.67 m (5 ′ 6 ″ ) adult

What anime is Arcueid Brunestud?

Arcueid Brunestud (アルクェイド・ブリュンスタッド, Arukueido Buryunsutaddo?) is the princess of the True Ancestors. She is the main heroine of Tsukihime -A piece of blue glass moon- and the Tsukihime Remake series.

Does Shiki end up with Arcueid?

In the manga, after Arcueid left, he goes on a search for her and they are finally reunited together.

Who is the strongest in Nasuverse?

A statement from Nasu said that “Arcueid, ‘Ryougi Shiki’, and primordial demons” are the top 3 strongest Nasuverse characters, not counting Servants.

Why is it called Nasuverse?

The Nasuverse is a fan nickname referring to the shared setting of a number of TYPE-MOON works.

How old is Ciel tsukihime?

Ciel (Tsukihime)

Relevance Main character
Age 23 years in the events of Tsukihime
Height 1,65 m (5 ′ 5 ″)
Weight 52 kg (114 lb)

Is Shiki a serial killer?

He is superhumanly strong, can hold up against Shiki in a fight, and he is also a serial murderer. He tries to kill her, tries to kill her boyfriend, sexually assaults her, and then sexually assaults her boyfriend: by all accounts — if Joss Whedon, Laurell K.

Is Shiki Tohno dead?

She then accompanies Shiki as he goes to the school. In Hisui’s True Ending, after Kohaku reveals that she was responsible for the deaths of Akiha and SHIKI, she commits suicide by stabbing herself in the chest to end her “doll’s existence”.