Is Didcot Girls school a good school?

We are delighted to say that Summer 2019 results were superb and that, for the second year in succession, these results place the school in the top 3% of all schools nationally for the main performance measure of Progress 8, with a score of 0.72.

Is Didcot Girls school a grammar school?

The school was created by the merger in the early 1970s of the former St. Frideswides secondary modern school and adjacent Didcot Girls’ Grammar School.

How many pupils does Didcot Girls school have?

School details

Headteacher Georgina Littler
School type Secondary with 6th
Age range 11 – 19
Gender Female
Number of students 1576

What happened at Didcot Girls School yesterday?

A PUPIL at Didcot Girls’ School has died after suffering an ‘extremely unusual’ medical episode. Police have confirmed the 11-year-old girl passed away at the John Radcliffe Hospital in the early hours of this morning. They said her death is being treated as unexplained, but not suspicious.

When did Didcot girls school open?

August 1, 2012
Didcot Girls’ School/Founded

How to contact staff at Didcot Girls School?

IF YOU KNOW THE STAFF MEMBER YOU WISH TO CONTACT: You will find staff email addresses available here: /255/staff-directory Should you have a query and you are not sure to whom it should be addressed, please use this contact form and we will ensure it is forwarded to the right person.

Where are the main building blocks of Didcot Girls School?

The school has four main building blocks; St. Frideswide’s (also known as Frids), Austen, Sherwood (formerly New Building) and Cockcroft. A large, modern sports hall is sited next to St. Frideswide’s, and the canteen in St. Frideswide’s is rated five stars.

What kind of college is Didcot mixed sixth form?

The school has been awarded with Language College and Enterprise College status (as of 2006). The mixed sixth form, known as Didcot Sixth Form, is shared with St Birinus School. The school is made up of seven houses which are named after famous women who are considered potential role models for the students.

When do Didcot Girls go back to school?

@DidcotGirls 01:09 AM – 14th July, 2021 Great morning working with @DidcotGirls SLT on leadership behaviours and teamship principles. Brilliant team, great school.