Is Fast 201 yoyo good?

Again, it is pretty impressive that one yoyo can take you all the way from being an absolute beginner, up until to almost being able to do advanced String Tricks. That is what the Fast 201 is capable of, and that is why we think it is just a great yoyo to get you started.

Where is YoYoFactory located?

Founded in 2004, the YoYoFactory in Uptown Chandler produces several lines of premier yo-yos, both plastic and metal.

Should I get a responsive or unresponsive yoyo?

Do you? Responsive means that when you tug the string of a sleeping yoyo, it will return to your hand. Unresponsive means that when you tug the string, it won’t come back, and to make it come back you need a bind. If you’re just starting out, you’ll want to buy a responsive yoyo.

Which yoyo spins the longest?

Glide yoyo
The Glide yoyo, weighing in at 68.3 grams, is one of the heaviest and longest spinning responsive yoyos on the market. With its long sleep times, it performs well with difficult string tricks.

Is the whip yoyo responsive?

The YoYoFactory Whip fuses modern performance with classic responsive play. It comes fitted with a slim bearing and silicone pad response for tight binds, consistent throws, and long spins.

What kind of yoyo do pros use?

Yoyo King Merlin Professional Responsive Yoyo.

  • YoYoFactory Velocity Adjustable Yoyo.
  • Sidekick Pro Professional Aluminium Yoyo.
  • Yoyofactory Loop 360 Yoyo.
  • MAGICYOYO Responsive YoYo K1-Plus.
  • Duncan Vintage 1955 Tournament Replica Yoyo.
  • Emoji Universe: Emoji Faces Light Up Yoyos.
  • Yomega High-Speed Maverick Yoyo.
  • How do you know if your yoyo is unresponsive?

    1: Throw. 2: Remove the string from your finger, then place between teeth. 3: Bend forward slightly, then jerk back up. 4: If you did not wake up in a hospital and/or obtain a broken nose; congratulations, your throw is unresponsive.

    What is a good starter Yoyo?

    1. Yoyo King Merlin Professional Responsive Yoyo. From beginner to pro and anywhere in between, the Merlin is perfect to easily perform tricks like the Trapeze, Split the Atom, Braintwister, or the Double or Nothing.