Is RL Burnside still alive?

Deceased (1926–2005)
R. L. Burnside/Living or Deceased

Who played in the Mississippi country blues style?

In the 1990s this style was popularized through the recordings of local musicians R.L. Burnside and David “Junior” Kimbrough. R.L. Burnside and Junior Kimbrough became unlikely heroes of the music world in the 1990s when their “hill country” style caught on in both blues and alternative rock music circles.

Where is hill country blues from?

Hill country blues (also known as North Mississippi hill country blues or North Mississippi blues) is a regional style of country blues….

Hill country blues
Cultural origins Mississippi, U.S.

What tuning did RL Burnside use?

open-G tuning
Open-G Grooves Burnside played many of his tunes in open-G tuning (low to high: D G D G B D) with a funky vibe and percussive attack. Guitarists tend to gravitate toward his version of “Poor Black Mattie”—an infectious, single-chord groove that keeps the foot tapping.

How old is RL Burnside?

78 years (1926–2005)
R. L. Burnside/Age at death
R.L. Burnside, a blues singer and guitarist who found fame only in his gray years, when his music was embraced by young rock fans and remixed with electronic beats, died yesterday at a hospital in Memphis. He was 78 and lived near Holly Springs, Miss.

Did the blues originated in Mississippi?

Delta blues is one of the earliest-known styles of blues. It originated in the Mississippi Delta, and is regarded as a regional variant of country blues….

Delta blues
Cultural origins Early 20th century, Mississippi, U.S.
Derivative forms Chicago blues Detroit blues electric blues

Who was the most influential country blues singer?

Robert Johnson 1. An American blues singer, guitarist and songwriter (1911-1938) amongst the most famous…

Where is Tennessee hill country?

Hill Country is a hamlet in Tennessee and has an elevation of 1,745 feet….Hill Country.

Latitude 36.5798° or 36° 34′ 47.4″ north Longitude -82.2643° or 82° 15′ 51.5″ west
Open Location Code 868VHPHP+W7 Elevation 1,745 feet (532 metres)

What tuning did Junior Kimbrough use?

standard tuning
The mood is set with stories of Junior Kimbrough’s music and nightclub. Junior loved playing in standard tuning tuned down, drenched in reverb. He and his family created their own style of music that has influenced musicians the world over. The Black Keys even recorded a whole record of Junior’s songs!

What guitar did RL Burnside use?

He used a lot of guitars. Seen him with a Teisco, a Dano, a Silvertone, a Guyatone, a Tele, a LP, a ES 335, and a few others. Low wattage tube amp with no master volume is how he got his tone, I guess.

Where did r.l.burnside play acoustic blues?

It’s a pleasure to hear R.L. Burnside ‘s early acoustic blues played the way he learned them in the hill country of Northern Mississippi. Three of these tracks date from 1967 and were recorded in Coldwater, MS by folklorist George Mitchell, while the remaining 16 were recorded in the early ’80s by Swingmaster operator…

How old is Cedric Burnside from hill country blues?

The 42-year-old Burnside was born in the blues as much as he was in funk, rock, soul, and hip-hop. These latter sensibilities are reflected across his work, as he drives Hill Country blues into grooves that lend themselves readily to an urgent, modern moment.

Where is Cedric Burnside’s home in Mississippi Hills?

And his life ain’t that different from what he plays. The road to Cedric Burnside’s home. Slow down at the top of the hill, pass the country rock road on the left, shotgun church on the right, faded lines on the road in the middle.

What kind of music does Cedric Burnside play?

Cedric Burnside carries the mantle — the joy and the burdens and the history of the North Mississippi hill country blues, a style like no other in Southern music. And his life ain’t that different from what he plays.