Is Roadeo hardliner a good cycle?

13.650 (as on 27th Juner 2019) the Roadeo Hardliner 27.5 DD (2019) is an ideal choice for anyone looking to buy a bicycle for flat trail rides and leisure rides on urban roads.

What is the Price of Hercules Roadeo hardliner?

The Price of the Hercules Roadeo Hardliner 26″ (2017) is Rs. 11890.

Which is the best cycle in Hercules Roadeo?

Top 10 Hercules Gear cycles in India:

  • Hercules Roadeo Hank: ₹ 10,300/- ₹ 11,200/- (Single Speed) ₹ 12,000/- ₹ 13,750/- (Geared)\-
  • Hercules A 50:₹ 14,650\-
  • Hercules A 750: ₹ 14,600 to ₹ 15,000\-
  • Hercules Fugitive 26T: ₹12,350\-
  • Hercules Havoc 26t: ₹10,500\-
  • Hercules Maddox: INR 15,000\-

Which is the best Roadeo cycle under 10000?

Best Gear Cycles Under Rs10000

  • 21 Gear, Black. 4.1. ₹12,299. ₹49,990. 75% off. No Cost EMI from ₹1,025/month.
  • Single Speed, Blue. ₹12,192. ₹24,500.
  • HRX MTB 500 Limited Edition 27.5 T Mountain Cycle. 21 Gear, Black. ₹44,999.
  • HERCULES Storm NV 26 T Road Cycle. Single Speed, Multicolor. ₹6,499. ₹8,290. 21% off.

Which is the most expensive Hercules cycle?

There are 124 cycle models available from Hercules in India. Most expensive Hercules model is Hercules A85 which is priced at Rs. 19.95 K.

Which brand cycle is best?

Here are the top ten brands for Indian bicycles to help you make the choice:

  • 1) Hero. Based out of Punjab, it not only exports to more than 70 countries but has also been active in India with multiple models for six decades now.
  • 2) Atlas.
  • 3) Avon.
  • 4) Hercules.
  • 5) La-sovereign.
  • 9) Mach City.
  • 10) Road Master.

Which cycle is best for adults?

Bicycles for adults

Hero Sprint Santiago 26T SS Hybrid City Bike Rs 5,499
BSA Photon Ex With Bar End Bicycle Rs 7,450
Firefox Bike Rs 11,999
Hercules Dynor RF 26T Single Speed Road Cycle Rs 4,999
CAYA Bikes for Adults Rs 10,999

Which brand gear cycle is best?

  • Cosmic Trium MTB Bicycle 21 Speed.
  • Cosmic Eldorado 1.0L 21 S MTB Cycle.
  • Hero Octane 26T Dude 21 Speed Cycle.
  • Atlas Torpedo D/Shox.
  • Hercules Roadeo A 300 Bicycle.
  • Hercules Roadeo A275 Cycle.
  • AXAN Fat Bicycle with Dual Disc Brakes 21.
  • Hercules Roadeo Hank 26T 21 Speed Premium Geared.

Is Hercules a good cycle?

Everything about this cycle is awesome. Ride is comfortable, its fast. I didnt feel that I travelled that much on bike. Those giving negative reviews should have gone to Cycle vendor/shop to get it assembled properly instead of saying break is not working, gear not working and all.

Which cycle is best for 6 feet Man?

Size Chart For Hybrid / City Bikes

Height (ft/in) Height (cm) Leg Inseam (in)
5’5″-5’9″ 165-175 cm 26 – 31”
5’9″-6’0″ 175-183 cm 27 – 32″
6’0″-6’3″ 183-191 cm 28 – 33″
6’1″ – 6’6″ 191-198 cm 29 – 34″

What kind of tires does Hercules hardliner 29 have?

The Hardliner 29 comes with a Threadless Steel Suspension Fork with a full matte black finish. The Roadeo Hardliner comes with 29 x 2.125 Nylon black tires which are attached to Double Walled Alloy XMR Rims. The Price of the Hercules Roadeo Hardliner 29″ (2017) is Rs.13250.

What kind of disc brakes does a hardliner 29 have?

The Hercules Roadeo Hardliner 29″ (2017) is a bicycle for teenagers which has a Steel Frame. The Hardliner 29″ (2017) comes with a Shimano TZ-30,3-Speed front derailleur, Shimano TZ-35, 7-Speed rear derailleur and Shimano EF-41 Shifters.

When did the first Hercules bicycle come out?

Hercules has been around since 1949 and is one of the brands under the T.I Cycles umbrella. Hercules aim is to bring the customer a riding experience that they will cherish. Hercules has a range of bicycles focused to the Youth with durable stylish bicycles.