Is Tennessee good farmland?

Crops, livestock and forestry flourish across the distinct regions. An impressive 76,000 farms account for 40 percent of the state’s land area, or a total of 10.8 million acres of farmland. Lush, rolling fields create the ideal setting for raising livestock.

What is the largest farm in Tennessee?

Welcome to the largest land holding in Tennessee’s most prosperous county. These 3,876 +/- acres are located at the corner of I-840 and Pinewood Road in Franklin, Tennessee and only a short drive to historic Leiper’s Fork.

Are there a lot of farms in Tennessee?

The USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service reports Tennessee has almost 70,000 farms covering 10.8 million acres of land. Farms for sale in Tennessee include everything from mini farms and country homes with acreage, to mixed-use properties with hunting land, horse and cattle properties and more.

How much does a farm cost in Tennessee?

Tennessee Farm for Sale – Page 1 of 26 The combined market value of farms for sale in Tennessee is $480 million, with the average price of farms for sale in being $982,400.

How much does an acre of land cost in Tennessee?

Statewide, an average acre of Tennessee land is worth $14,400, but it’s all about location. The average sales amount for a 251,911 square foot lot in one of Unicoi County’s prime locations is $59,408, according to Tennessee’s $14,400 per acre average cost compares to $12,100 in the lower 48 states.

Who owns the most land in TN?

Billionaire Brad Kelley, one of the largest private landowners in the United States with more than 1.5 million acres of ranch lands in Kentucky, Tennessee, New Mexico, Florida and Texas, has recently purchased “thousands of acres” of agricultural land in Hawaii on the island of Kauai from landowner Grove Farm.

Who owns Triple Creek Farm in Tennessee?

Simmons Land Company
New Page — Simmons Land Company. Triple Creek Ranch is a Legendary Property located 3.4 miles west of the small community of Leipers Fork in Williamson County, Tennessee.

What is Tennessee’s cash crop?

Cotton and tobacco became Tennessee’s principal cash crops. The state also sold sizable quantities of wheat and swine and smaller amounts of corn, beef cattle, and wool.

What qualifies as a farm in Tennessee?

Under the law, protected farms and farm operations include farmland, buildings, machinery, and activities that involve commercial agriculture production, including farm products and nursery stock such as forages, seeds, hemp, trees, vegetables, fruits, livestock, dairy, poultry, apiaries, and other products that …

Who owns the most land in Tennessee?

Where is the best place to buy land in Tennessee?

And the best place to buy land is on the Cumberland Plateau in East Tennessee. Whether near Crossville in Cumberland County , near Jamestown in Fentress County or near Oneida in Scott County, TN, the Cumberland Plateau is a very special place set in absolute outdoor splendor.

Where is the farm in TN?

The Farm is an intentional community in Lewis County, Tennessee, near the town of Summertown , Tennessee, based on principles of nonviolence and respect for the Earth.

What is a farm in TN?

The Farm is an intentional community of families and friends living on three square miles in southern middle Tennessee, founded on the principles of nonviolence and respect for the earth.. We started The Farm in 1971 with the goal of establishing a strongly cohesive, outwardly-directed community.