Is the MSZ-006A1 Zeta Plus A1 A Gundam?

The MSZ-006A1 Ζeta Plus A1 (Z Plus A1) is a part of the Zeta Plus line of mobile suits. It was the first mass-produced successor to the MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam and was introduced in the photo-novel Gundam Sentinel.

What does the Zeta Plus A1 shield do?

A custom shield used by the Zeta Plus A1, it not only protects the mobile suit from physical and beam attacks, but also serve as the nose unit in waverider mode. A custom, handheld, ranged beam weapon used by Zeta Plus A1, it has the same level of firepower as the original Zeta Gundam’s.

What kind of Gundam is Karaba’s Zeta Plus?

But Karaba, the AEUG’s terrestrial ally, takes note of the Zeta Gundam’s effectiveness and redesigns it to create the mass production type MSK-006 Zeta Plus (later redesignated as the MSZ-006A1). Because this machine is intended exclusively for use in the atmosphere, its space flight systems and atmospheric entry features are eliminated.

When did the first Zeta Plus A1 come out?

The first Zeta Plus A1 rolled out in November of U.C. 0087, and the new machines were assigned to Karaba units such as the 18th Tactical Fighter Aggressor Squadron (18TFAS) based aboard the Garuda class carrier Audhumla. Karaba eventually deployed about twenty machines, three of which were painted in white and orange demonstration colors.

Is the Zeta Gundam in the HG series?

As a Part of the “gunpla Evolution project” for gunpla’s 40th anniversary, a new and improved zeta Gundam is launching into the HG series! Optimal proportions for each form of the zeta Gundam has been recreated in the latest format.

Which is better Mobile Suit Gundam or Zeta?

Zeta Gundam (Zeta) is considered by many to be superior to the original, Mobile Suit Gundam (MSG) as well as being Tomino’s masterpiece. I decided to watch Zeta right after being disappointed by MSG. In particular, I was interested to see if Zeta would be as dark and realistic as many fans say.