Is the W211 a good car?

The W211 Mercedes E class has the potential for being one of the best old cars to buy in 2019. It had some major electrical problems when it first came out but has gotten a lot better after the facelift in 2006. The W211 Mercedes E class is a classic business limo that still looks good if you get one in good condition.

Is an E500 an AMG?

The E500 and E 60 AMG both came with the flared front and rear wheel arches with larger front bumpers and front foglights. The “957” AMG Technology Package in the VIN of the vehicle almost guarantees the vehicle is an original E 60 as left the factory.

How much horsepower does a E500 have?

302 hp @ 5,600 rpm
Used 2003 Mercedes-Benz E-Class E500 Specs & Features

Cylinders V8
Horsepower 302 hp @ 5,600 rpm
Torque 339 lb-ft @ 2,700 rpm
Turning circle 37.4 ft.

How much does a Mercedes-Benz e500 cost?

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Models Price and Specs

Year Body Type Price from
2020 Wagon $82,000
2020 Convertible $96,900
2019 Sedan $59,100
2019 Coupe $66,200

What is the cost of Mercedes E class?

Mercedes-Benz E-Class price starts at ₹ 64.50 Lakh and goes upto ₹ 82.09 Lakh. The price of Petrol version for E-Class ranges between ₹ 64.50 Lakh – ₹ 68.20 Lakh and the price of Diesel version for E-Class ranges between ₹ 65.70 Lakh – ₹ 82.09 Lakh.

How reliable is Mercedes W211?

Both Road & Track and US News recommend the W211, the latter doing so because of the car’s “sterling reputation” for reliability and luxury. Early Mercedes W211 E-Class models did have some quality issues, CarComplaints and The Sunday Times reports. However, post-2006-facelift models were significantly better.

What is the top speed of a 1994 Mercedes-Benz e500?

260 km/h
The top speed was redline limited at 6,000 rpm to 260 km/h (~160 mph). It was rated at 16.8 L/100 km (14 mpg) in the city and 13.8 L/100 km (17 mpg) on the highway.

Which Mercedes-Benz is the best?

The 10 Best Mercedes Benz Models of All Time

  • Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Gull-Wing Coupe.
  • Mercedes-Benz 300D Adenauer.
  • Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren.
  • Mercedes-Benz G-Class.
  • Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG.
  • Mercedes-Benz 190SL.
  • Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR.
  • Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Coupe.

Is the Mercedes-Benz W211 E-Class A guilty pleasure?

It’s buyers will buy it because of the reviews and reputation, live with it for seven years, and then say it’s the best car in the world and they love it because there’s no reason to have it for seven years. And so we come to my automotive guilty pleasure, the W211 E-Class.

How is the Mercedes Benz W211 E 220 CDI rated?

In Euro NCAP crash testing, a 2002 Mercedes-Benz W211 E 220 CDI received a five star adult occupant protection rating with a score of 32.95 out of 37; this result, however, included two points for seatbelt reminders which were not introduced to Australian-delivered models until mid-2004.

When did the Mercedes Benz E500 come out?

For another 8 per cent of people it could be a “maybe” while for “2 per cent of weirdos, it’s an emphatic yes.” Mercedes-Benz produced the W211 in E500 form between 2003 and 2006 where it initially sat below the E 55 AMG in the range before the likes of the E 550 and E63 AMG were both launched in 2006.

What kind of engine does the Mercedes W211 have?

Here are a few examples of: Mercedes E-Class W211 Suspension Air Bag Spring Strut. Be careful with 2003,2007,2008 E-Class models equipped with the the M272 and M273 engines such as the early E350.