Powerleveling vs Purchasing Accounts OSRS

This article will investigate whether you should power level or purchase an Old School RuneScape account. We’ll weigh the advantages and disadvantages of both, and from there, you can come to your objective decision!

Is one option riskier than the other?

There’s really no evidence to support this. If you deal with someone that follows the industry standards, both options don’t really carry any more risk than each other.

However, if you were to buy an account from an untrusted seller, the odds are they will recover the account after the sale. This can even happen years after selling the account, as chargebacks and disputes can no longer be done through any payment system (unless you use Bitcoin). They will then resell the account on to somebody else, using another pseudonym, perhaps even on another platform. It’s best to stick to the sellers who sell and create accounts in bulk, such as large websites.

Powerleveling can cause your account to get banned if the operators of the service are careless or untrustworthy. For the latter, an example would be if they claim that the service is operated through hand-training, but they actually use automated botting software. Any form of automated botting software has a significant chance of flagging up your account and getting you banned. Jagex even times bans weeks after doing the offence, just so that people can’t pinpoint exactly which script got the player banned. As with the above, you’ve got to go with a seller that has a stellar online reputation.

What are the advantages of each?

The advantage of powerleveling is that you don’t have to lose any progress you’ve already gained. You’re handing over your account, for someone else to train it. In the end, you keep all the other stats you had, your quest completions, items, and diary status.

For purchasing an account, you do not have to wait days or weeks whilst they actually train your account.  You get what you are sold, everything is premade and ready-to-go. You’re ready to go straight into the action. With this approach, you also get to sample many different accounts easily. For example, you can purchase a Zerker PVP build or a plain pure. You can instantly use these accounts and have the advantage of easy experimentation.

Premade accounts can also be cheaper than powerleveling. This is because they’re often made in bulk and done when a service isn’t booming with orders. Anyone can train these accounts up and stock them up.

What are the disadvantages of each approach?

For powerleveling, if there’s a lot of work to be done, for example, multiple 99s, you could expect to wait more than a week, possibly multiple weeks. This depends on how busy the service is, and how big their backlog is.

With purchasing an account, you’re limited to whatever is in stock. Expect to shop around a lot to find exactly what you’d like. If what you’re looking for isn’t in popular demand, it could be best to just pursue powerleveling. However, you could always buy the account from the website, and use their (or somebody else’s) powerleveling/questing services and get it to where you want. Be sure to check out Food4RS for the best powerleveling services out on the market!