The Ease And Value Of Flying Private As A Modern-Day Entrepreneur

One of the most crucial aspects that the modern-day entrepreneur can never avoid is the necessity of traveling across the globe. This is because globalization has taken over, and any viable business idea or brand must strive to have an extensive market presence. Today, geographical borders are no longer restrains to conducting business but a channel for making entry to any niche industry of interest. Digitization has equally connected people more than ever and resulted in the rapid flow of information. The impacts of these developments have been mostly similar demands from the consumers regardless of their nation of residence. As a result, entrepreneurs today have the mandate of ensuring they reach out to all potential markets, business partners, and other industry players for prosperity. It is, therefore, not surprising that as an entrepreneur; you are always flying to different destinations as part of your schedules.

Commercial airlines have played a significant role in enhancing the ease of flying from one destination to another. Nonetheless, as an entrepreneur who is a go-getter, there is a better alternative that will redefine your travel demands. Step out of the current standard and go for first-class or business class flights to using a private jet charter. Long gone are the days when private jets were a reserve for the super-wealthy who owned them – as they are now only a few clicks away. As an entrepreneur, there are lots of benefits in embracing this high-class travel solution and these include:

1. You get to take control of your time and schedules

How many times have you ever had to drop everything only to get to the airport and experience a flight delay? It becomes worse considering that some delays last more than six hours, time that could have been spent more valuably. Time is the most valuable currency for an entrepreneur, and private jets give you total control over how and when you fly. Instead of having to tailor your schedule to fit the airline’s flight schedules, you get to have an on-demand air charter. This will instantly fix any time management problems and allow you to take on the world without lots of hassles.

2. Open a whole new world of aviation flexibility

Commercial airlines restrict you to only using major airports, and in the USA, these account for less than 30% of the total number of airports. Leading private jet charters break this barrier and give you access to over 6,000 airports globally. Essentially, this means that no more having to spend additional hours in a car when your flight can land closer to your destination. Access to an extensive network of airports offers the desired flexibility whenever you have to travel for any business purposes. You will be pleased to realize that most of these destinations are strategically located and will significantly save on time.

3. Extremely high levels of safety for your flights

Renowned private jet charter companies always go above and beyond the minimum requirements to ensure all clients have completely safe travels. Typically, this means compliance with Part 135 of Title 14 FAA regulations and attainment of ARG/US safety ratings. These safety standards are stricter than those that commercial airlines have to meet, erasing all doubts as to the safety of these travel solutions. This is enhanced by the fact that since the focus is on luxurious VIP travels, you will have the pleasure of using a well-maintained aircraft.

4. Flexible pricing

As the demand for private jets rises, there has been the introduction of new pricing models that allow you to have better value for money. You no longer have to pay for a two-way trip but can take advantage of point-to-point pricing that tailors the quote depending on your destination. This competitive pricing ensures that you always get to have top value for each flight. The best part is that as an entrepreneur with lots of travel demands, you can opt for a membership that gives you lots of other benefits. These include amazing discounts, access to executive jet concierge services all year long, and free jet upgrades whenever available.