Was Tina really pregnant on L Word?

The pregnancy of Tina Kennard in the show during Season 2 was filmed around the real-life pregnancy of actress Laurel Holloman.

Was Max really pregnant on The L Word in real life?

But really, The L Word really went for the gold last night: Max, a.k.a. the F-to-M transgender character who’s rarely onscreen and generally loathed by most fans, is pregnant. Yes, that’s right: The L Word has officially cribbed the Oprah-approved real-life tale of the now-infamous “pregnant man,” Thomas Beattie.

Why did Tina leave Bette?

Although they seem to move past this problem as the series progresses, Bette’s career in the California Arts Center is shown to come between them, with Bette frequently not having time to spend with Tina. At Bette’s urging, Tina gives up her own career in order to have a child, leaving Bette as the sole breadwinner.

Who was the donor for Bette and Tina’s baby?

1 Bette and Tina appear to have found a donor who doesn’t want to have any contact with their baby. Unfortunately the only way this donor wants to help them is by the ‘old-fashioned’ way. What is his name? Jean-Paul Chamois is a sculptor who wishes he could have children all over the world.

Are Tina and Bette still together?

Bette and Tina’s often turbulent relationship ended with the couple in a good place as they were last seen raising their daughter, Angie, together, and heading for New York to legally tie the knot. However, Generation Q revealed that Bette and Tina had recently divorced and were co-parenting Angie.

Is the L word based on a true story?

Is The L Word: Generation Q Based on a True Story? No, ‘The L Word: Generation Q’ is not based on a true story. The series is based on an original idea from the show’s creators and serves as a continuation of their series titled ‘The L Word’ that aired from 2004 to 2009. “It was the same story.

Is The L Word based on a true story?

Why did Sarah Shahi leave The L Word?

Following the January 7, 2015, episode of Person of Interest, Shahi and the show’s producers announced she would be leaving the show for an indefinite period of time because of her pregnancy.

Did Kelly sleep with Bette?

Bette rogers that and reports no, she did not tell Tina about having sex with Kelly because she did not have sex with Kelly. Jenny: “It’s not funny, I saw you through the window! Bette: “I don’t know what you think you saw, but I can tell you however it appeared, nothing happened.”

Does Bette and Tina get back together in season 5?

Bette and Tina eventually get back together and then Bette loses her job; Tina is suddenly made an executive at Helena’s movie studio, fittingly allowing them to continue with their lavish lifestyle, but their relationship is on the rocks.

Does Bette get full custody?

Finally, after a difficult birth, Bette and Tina’s daughter Angelica is born. Bette returns with Angie at the start of season 4 and, despite their hostile relationship, her and Tina agree to share custody for the sake of their daughter.

Is the actress who plays Tina on the L Word pregnant?

Her real life pregnancy coincided with Tina’s pregnancy on The L Word. Her daughter appeared on the show in season 3, episode one where they all sing, “Hello to Lola, so glad to see you” while at a daycare. More about Laurel Holloman: Laurel Holloman won a Satellite Award for her role as Tina on The L Word.

How did Tina find out she was pregnant?

During the second season, Tina lives with Alice, and under her advice, decides to seek legal advice over her situation with Bette. It is then revealed that Tina secretly inseminated herself before she learned of Bette’s affair, and is now several months pregnant.

Where does Tina Kennard from the L Word Live?

Tina lives in Los Angeles, California, and mostly hangs out in West Hollywood. She is the mother of Angelica Porter-Kennard and initially the life partner of Bette Porter, though the two become on-again-off-again lovers in later seasons, and eventually marry and divorce between the events of The L Word and Generation Q .

Is the actress who plays Jennifer on the L Word pregnant?

TVGuide.com: So now that Jennifer Beals is pregnant, you’ll have to deal with her hormonal issues on the set. Fair play? [ Laughs] We’re pretty good at it now.