What are African baskets made of?

MAKING BASKETS Traditional fibers used in basketry reflect the local habitat. They include illala palm, sisal leaves and fiber, raffia (African bamboo), fibrous tree and plant roots such as makenge, vines, leaves (banana and fan palm), cane, bark wood and papyrus.

What natural fiber is used in basket making?

There are many types of natural fibers that can be used to weave a basket, like various kinds of tree bark. For example, grasses, bamboo, vines, oak, willow, reeds, and honeysuckle are all commonly used materials for weaving.

What material is used to make baskets?

Baskets are made from natural materials, like twigs from trees like willow, vines, and grasses. Other materials include canes, long flat strips made from fibrous plant cores, and reeds, or broad-leafed grasses. Rattan is a basketry material made from a thorny climbing palm.

How did Africans use the baskets?

In both Africa and America, baskets have served countless purposes. As agricultural tools they were used to process and store grain and carry food to market. While their function as tools is no longer as important, baskets continue to be made as works of art.

What is a rice Fanner?

Back to all glossary items. A lightweight, circular tray of woven leaves or raffia about two feet in diameter used by women to winnow the rice for cooking from the indigestible husks by which it is surrounded.

What are African bowls used for?

Handcrafted in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa, these wire bowls are woven using traditional Zulu basket weaving techniques that have been used for centuries in making baskets from Illala Palm Grass. These wire baskets are used for salads, fruits, nuts and more recently home decor.

What are the types of baskets?

There are three basic kinds of baskets—coiled, twined, or woven.

What is the most popular material used in basket making?

Bamboo is the prime material for making all sorts of baskets, since it is the main material that is available and suitable for basketry. Other materials that may be used are ratan and hemp palm.

What did slaves make baskets out of?

Sweetgrass basket, also called slave basket, type of basket made of sweetgrass (Muhlenbergia filipes), so called because it smells like freshly mowed hay.

What is a Binga basket?

Binga baskets, also commonly called Tonga baskets, are traditional grain winnowing baskets handmade by the Batonga people in the Binga district of Zimbabwe. Most are characterized by a round, flat shape that display easily on walls, although sometimes they are shaped like a bowl or vase.

What kind of fiber is used in African baskets?

They include illala palm, sisal leaves and fiber, raffia (African bamboo), fibrous tree and plant roots such as makenge, vines, leaves (banana and fan palm), cane, bark wood and papyrus. Two types of vegetative fiber are normally used to make a coiled basket, one for the inner coil and one for the wrapping of the coils.

Are there any fair trade baskets in Africa?

We offer a wide variety of high quality, true Fair Trade, baskets from throughout the African continent. Each of these uniquely handwoven baskets are individually photographed for your shopping convenience. You can choose with confidence, knowing that you will receive the exact basket you see on display.

Is there a website for baskets of Africa?

Coming Soon We are in the process of combining our companion website, African Allure, into this Baskets of Africa website.

What kind of leather is used in African market baskets?

Baskets with leather handles are wrapped in goat skin for comfort and durability. The leather is naturally tanned using local seeds and red millet. Please note: each basket is unique – leather color, basket patterns and colors will vary.