What are the objectives of Haribon Foundation?

Their Mission Haribon advocates biodiversity conservation through building constituencies, empowering communities and applying multi-disciplinary approaches. Conserving Sites and Habitats Haribon works in a wide variety of areas, establishing comunity-led native tree nurseries or strengthening marine protected areas.

How do you help Haribon Foundation?

Here are four ways you can help an environment organization: Attend an event. Volunteer your skill….Provide long-term support.


What are the programs of Haribon Foundation?

Conserving Sites & Habitats. Mangrove Forest Restoration in Infanta, Quezon.

  • Saving Species. Gab-e & The Philipine Eagle Project.
  • Saving Species.
  • Encouraging Sustainability.
  • Saving Species.
  • Empowering People.
  • Conserving Sites & Habitats.
  • Empowering People.
  • What is the tagline of Haribon Foundation?

    “Be a tree-hugger, not a tree-cutter!” If yours is chosen your slogan will be printed on a “tree-shirt”, and you get one too!

    What are the objectives of WWF?

    WWF aims to “stop the degradation of the planet’s natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature.”

    Who started Haribon Foundation?

    Haribon Foundation

    Type Environmental
    Founded 1972
    Headquarters Quezon City, Philippines
    Key people Belinda dela Paz (OIC)
    Website http://www.haribon.org.ph/

    Why is environmental organization important?

    Being more knowledgeable about environmental processes, management options, the history of environmental movements and current environmental politics means environmental students can better contribute to important contemporary discussions and make informed decisions concerning their personal actions.

    Is Haribon Foundation a government?

    The Haribon Foundation for the Conservation of Natural Resources, Inc., simply known as Haribon Foundation, is a nature conservation organization in the Philippines. The name “Haribon” (“bird king”) is a reference to the Philippine eagle. The group was founded in 1972 as a bird-watching society.

    What are peoples organization?

    Term. Main definition. people’s organization. A group of people, which may be an association, cooperative, federation, or other legal entity, established by the community to undertake collective action to address community concerns and need, and mutually share the benefits from the endeavor.

    Is haribon a government foundation?

    What is the conservation of biodiversity?

    Biodiversity conservation, the practice of protecting and preserving the wealth and variety of species, habitats, ecosystems, and genetic diversity on the planet, is important for our health, wealth, food, fuel, and services we depend on. It plays an integral role in supporting many sectors of development.

    Who is the Haribon Foundation for the conservation of Natural Resources?

    Haribon Foundation for the Conservation of Natural Resources, Inc. gave birth to the Philippine environmental movement. It is the country’s pioneer environmental conservation organization. The Haribon Foundation is a leader in transforming everyone into a biodiversity champion in the Philippines.

    Who was the first president of the Haribon Foundation?

    Haribon became a full-fledged nature conservation foundation under the leadership of its first president, Dr. Celso Roque. Its name was changed from The Haribon Society to the Haribon Foundation for the Conservation of Natural Resources. In 1984 Haribon adopted the “tree-symbol” as its new logo.

    Who is the Executive Director of Haribon Foundation?

    Executive Director: Edgardo Tongson E-mail: [email protected] Address: 3rd Flr, AM Building; 28 Quezon Ave, Quezon City 1100 Telefax: 712-2601 (Temporary) Pager: 141-279798 Cell: 0918-8882270 Philippine-based Website: WWW.HARIBON.ORG.PH Organizational Profile Haribon Vision Mission Programs Community-Based Resource Management Research

    How does Haribon do community-based resource management?

    In the pursuit of conservation through community-based resource management, Haribon adopts an integrated, multi- disciplinary approach that is participatory and scientifically sound. Its programs include science and research, community-based resource management, environmental defense and membership development.