What are the six species of elk?

Historically there were six species of elk roaming the North American Continent; the Eastern Elk and the Merriam’s Elk are both extinct. The extant species include the Manitoban Elk, Rocky Mountain Elk, Tule Elk, and Roosevelt’s Elk.

How many subspecies of elk are there?

Of the six subspecies of elk in North America, there are three sub species of elk with hunt-able populations classified by the Boone and Crockett club. The American elk, the Roosevelt elk and the Tule elk.

What are the different elk species?

Rocky Mountain elk
Altai wapitiAlashan wapitiManchurian wapiti
Elk/Lower classifications

What is a 6 point bull elk called?

A mature bull usually carries antlers with six points on each side, though some older bulls will carry seven, and occasionally eight points on each antler. A six-point bull is called a Royal. A seven point bull – an Imperial; an eight point or better bull – a Monarch.

What’s the biggest elk ever shot?

O’Shea’s benedictions must have been received, because the 55-year-old Albertan holds the new world record for non-typical elk. The 449 4/8-inch bull, shot in September on land O’Shea has hunted since he was a boy, has been certified by the Pope and Young Club as the largest non-typical elk ever taken by a bowhunter.

Where are the biggest elk in the US?

Colorado has the largest elk herd in the country at almost 280,000.

Is a 5 point elk big?

Counting Points—Most mature bull elk are 6x6s. In good habitat, a bull may have a 5-point rack as a 2-1/2-year-old and then a small six-point rack as a 3-1/2-year-old. Its best antlers, however, usually come at age 9-1/2 to 12-1/2, so remember that not every 6×6 is a trophy.

What is a 7 point bull elk called?

There are Royal bulls (6 points), Imperial bulls (7 points), and Monarch bulls (8 points) … and probably thirty more local descriptions all related to the number of points.

What is the average lifespan of an elk?

10 – 13 yearsIn the wild

Who Killed the biggest elk?

In 2018 Augustin Franco Macias harvested the largest Bull Elk ever taken at Broadmouth Canyon Ranch. The Bull scored an incredible 635 SCI points, and is one of the top 4 biggest Rocky Mountain Elk ever harvested.

What is the biggest elk species?

The Roosevelt Elk is the largest bodied of all of the subspecies of elk. A mature bull can weigh up to 1,000 pounds where a mature cow can weigh up to 600 pounds.

What is the genus and species for elk?

Genus: Cervus . Species: Cervus elaphus. photo M. Noonan. Elk Taxonomy/Description. Elk belong to the Mammalian Order Artiodactyla, in the family Cervidae. Other members of Cervidae include moose, mule deer, and whitetail deer. The elk’s scientific name is Cervus elaphus. The generic name, cervus, means “stag or deer”.

What species of elk live in North America?

The elk or wapiti ( Cervus Canadensis) is one of the largest deer species on the planet and the second largest (second only to moose) ungulate in North America. There are three subspecies of elk that inhabit the United States. The most common is the Rocky Mountain elk (or American Elk), the Roosevelt elk and the Tule elk .

What are the adaptations of an elk?

The elk has adaptations that help it acquire its food. These adaptations include the well-developed digestive system that includes 4 stomachs and a long intestinal tract that allow it to absorb as many nutrients that it can while it still has the organic material in its body.