What building codes does Oregon use?

Oregon Building Codes

  • 2019 Oregon Structural Specialty Code (OSSC)
  • 2017 Oregon Residential Specialty Code (ORSC)
  • 2021 Oregon Residential Specialty Code (ORSC)
  • 2019 Oregon Fire Code.
  • 2019 Oregon Mechanical Specialty Code.
  • Statewide Alternate Method to Chapter 13 of the 2019 OSSC.

How do I report building code violations?

You can look in your phone book under your city or county government. Look for a “Property Standards” or “Planning and Development” department. You can also search the Internet, which will probably be easiest. Type your city or county and “report a building code violation” into your favorite search engine.

What is Oregon’s code?

Area code 541
Oregon/Area codes

Do I need a building permit Oregon?

Oregon law requires you to obtain permits, even on your own property. This ensures that you meet minimum building standards for your safety and the safety of future property owners and occupants.

Does Oregon use the IBC?

2019 Oregon Structural Specialty Code (OSSC) based on the International Building Code 2018 (IBC 2018)

How do I get a list of properties with code violations?

How to Find Code Violations. One way to find the code violators in your area is to go to the city or county offices and request it. Some localities have a list they will gladly share, since it is public record. Many localities may push back and say it is not available.

How do I know if a property has code violations?

Contact the city building inspector with the address of the property. The building inspector’s office will confirm whether cited violations have any assessed fees requiring payment.

What are some examples of building codes?

The 5 Most Important Building Codes in U.S. Construction

  • Placement of Smoke Alarms.
  • Defective/Missing Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters.
  • Faulty Beams and Joists.
  • Rescue Openings/Emergency Escapes.
  • Ladders/Steps/Window Wells.
  • Building Codes vs Zoning Codes.

What states have the easiest building codes?

Greenlee county in Arizona, Delta County and Montesuma in Colorado, Appanoose in Iowa, Scotland, Douglas, and Miller counties in Missouri, Emeralda county in Nevada, and Marfa and Terlingua in Texas are the most popular counties with no building codes.

How many area codes are in the state of Oregon?

Oregon Area Code Map Oregon currently utilizes 4 area codes.

What are the area codes for Portland Oregon?

Portland, OR Local Phone Numbers | Area Codes 503, 971.

Who are the code enforcement officers in Oregon?

Our members are government code enforcement officers in the state of Oregon, but we also welcome associate members who are retired, work in jurisdictions outside Oregon, or who work in related areas such as planning, zoning, building, and law enforcement.

What is the access division of the state of Oregon?

Access division updates to operations and services due to COVID-19. Access information and resources for wildfire recovery and rebuilding. How can we make this page more helpful?

What does OCEA do for code enforcement officers?

OCEA provides professional support, training and networking for code enforcement officers. We host two conferences each year with job-related training and professional development, and encourage networking among officers from across jurisdictions.