What cheese can I use instead of Tunworth?

If you can’t get hold of any Tunworth then just replace it with Camembert.

Is Tunworth cheese the same as Camembert?

Tunworth is our own, very British, Camembert – a soft, white-rinded cheese wonderfully reminiscent of its French cousin. The finished 250g cheese has a soft, thin and wrinkled rind, a rich and earthy mushroom fragrance, and a long-lasting sweet and nutty flavour. …

Who makes Tunworth cheese?

Hampshire Cheese Company
Hampshire Cheese Company, an award-winning, artisan cheesemaker, has joined the ranks of the best cheeses in the world. Home to the much-loved Tunworth and Winslade, we are proud to produce the finest, handcrafted soft cheeses, winning awards year after year.

Who makes rollright cheese?

David Jowett
background. Since late 2019, former Neal’s Yard Dairy intern David Jowett has been making his French-inspired washed rind cheeses on Manor Farm in the Cotswold village of Chedworth, Gloucestershire.

What type of cheese is Ogleshield?

Ogleshield is a semi-soft and pliant cheese with a creamy texture and a gentle but slightly pungent flavour. It is produced in Somerset by renowned cheddar maker Jamie Montgomery, who uses unpasteurised milk from his herd of Jersey cows.

Is Tunworth cheese vegetarian?

A superb, handmade, pasteurised, bloomy English CAMEMBERT-STYLE CHEESE using special cultures and traditional rennet. Then matured for between 4-6 weeks to produce a stunning cheese with a rich, creamy, unique flavour….Key Facts.

Age 4 – 6 Weeks +
Style Of Cheese Creamy
Style Of Cheese Soft
Vegetarian No

Is there an English equivalent of Camembert?

Tunworth Camembert An English Camembert good enough to make a Frenchman weep: vegetal, porcini-flavoured and intense. Made by Stacey Hedges and Charlotte Spruce in Herriard, Hampshire, England.

Does Camembert taste like brie?

Taste. The flavor profiles of Brie and Camembert are quite similar. Both are typically described as tasting earthy, nutty, fruity, grassy, and even mushroomy. The variations in taste are subtle , but Brie is milder with a creamy, buttery taste, while Camembert has a deeper, more earthy and intense flavor and aroma.

What is calf rennet?

Calf rennet is extracted from the inner mucosa of the fourth stomach chamber (the abomasum) of young, nursing calves as part of livestock butchering. These stomachs are a byproduct of veal production.

Where is Cornish YARG made?

Today the cheese is produced by Catherine Mead and her team at Lynher Dairies in Ponsanooth, Cornwall. The nettles are foraged from the local hedgerows each spring and frozen so they can be used throughout the year.

Who bought little rollright?

Colleges for many years until purchased by the current owner Robert Adam, about 10 years ago. Giles Lawton, of Savills, said: “It is a first for me, to be selling a village in the Cotswolds.

What cheese does Alex James make?

Alex James of Blur fame Blue Monday is a British cow’s milk cheese in the style of a Gorgonzola Piccante. When it’s on song, Blue Monday is a soft, creamy blue cheese with strong blue veining which delivers a smooth, satisfying piquancy to the palate.

What kind of cheese is Tunworth cheese made of?

Tunworth is a traditional Camembert-style cheese handmade by Stacey Hedges and Charlotte Spruce from pasteurized cow’s milk. It has a creamy texture and a thin wrinkled rind with rich, sweet, nutty, vegetal and milky flavours. The overall flavour effect is long lasting, mouth-filling and harmonious. It is supplied in a Camembert style wooden box.

Where is Tunworth cheese stored at Neals Yard?

No fat is removed prior to making Tunworth, however – which is why the resulting cheese is particularly fudgy and rich. Upon reaching our Bermondsey arches, the Tunworth is stored in its waxed paper in our cold rooms, where it is regularly turned by our maturing team to ensure an even and controlled breakdown of the…

Where does the fat go in a Tunworth?

Unlike a traditional Normandy Camembert make, where the milk is skimmed for butter-making, all of the fat goes into a Tunworth, giving it a rich, fudgy character.

What kind of cheese is made in Hampshire?

Tunworth is our own, very British, Camembert – a soft, white-rinded cheese wonderfully reminiscent of its French cousin. Tunworth is made markedly different thanks to the rounded green hills and lush grazing of its rural Hampshire terroir.