What class is UN 1993?

UN 1901 to UN 2000

UN Number Class Proper Shipping Name
UN 1992 3 Flammable liquids, toxic, n.o.s.
UN 1993 3 Flammable liquids, n.o.s.
UN 1994 6.1 Iron pentacarbonyl
UN 1995 ? Propane

What is the UN number for dangerous goods?

UN numbers or UN IDs are four-digit numbers that identify dangerous goods, hazardous substances and articles (such as explosives, flammable liquids, toxic substances, etc.) in the framework of international transport. They are assigned by the United Nations Committee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods.

What is UN 1993 flammable liquid nos?

Flammable liquids are: A liquid having a flash point of = 60.5° C (141° F) Any material in a liquid phase with a flash point = 37.8° C (100° F) that is intentionally heated and offered for transport or transported at or above its flash point in bulk packaging.

What is un gas number?

UN 1203
UN 1203 Flammable Liquid Placard — Gasoline or Petrol.

What does placard 1993 stand for?

flammable liquid
placards indicate specific hazardous materials. Hazardous material description: 1993 flammable liquid, N.O.S., fuel oil.

What is the placard number 1993?

Class 3
1993 Placard – Class 3 Flammable Liquid.

How do you find the UN number?

UN numbers are assigned by a committee of the United Nations, the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) Committee of Experts (COE) on the Transport of Dangerous Goods which issues “Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods” (also called “the Orange Book”).

What is the UN number for hydrochloric acid?

Chemical Identifiers

CAS Number UN/NA Number USCG CHRIS Code
7647-01-0 1789 HCL
NIOSH Pocket Guide International Chem Safety Card
Hydrogen chloride HYDROGEN CHLORIDE

What is the UN number for propane?

propane liquefied, n-Propane; Dimethylmethane; Freon 290; Liquefied petroleum gas; Lpg; Propyl hydride; R 290; C3H8; UN 1075; UN 1978; A-108; Hydrocarbon propellant. Hazard statements : Extremely flammable gas.

What placard is used for propane?


What is a 1202 placard?

4-digit D.O.T. placards indicate specific hazardous materials. Each Placard includes a 4-digit UN number, corresponding hazard class graphic, and hazard classification number. Hazardous material description: 1202 gas, oil, diesel fuel, heating oil. …

What is NA1993?

NA1993 is a US only identification number. It is used for transporting combustible liquids in the US. DOT puts information about Combustible Liquids under the Flammable Liquids headings because they are liquids with vapors that burn just at temperatures beyond the criteria for a normal flammable liquid.

When to use UN 1219 flammable liquid placards?

Get specific when shipping potentially dangerous liquids with Labelmaster’s UN 1219 (Isopropanol) Flammable Liquid Placards. Pre-printed with a UN Number, these Hazard Class 3 placards meet the requirements of 49 CFR 172.500 for domestic and international shipments of hazardous materials by highway, rail and water.

What does UN 1075 mean for petroleum gases?

UN 1075: Petroleum gases, liquefied or Liquefied petroleum gas – Substance information – HazMat Tool.

What is the UN identification number for Dot 4ba240?

UN1075, Liquefied petroleum gas and UN1978, Propane authorized for transport in DOT 4BA240 cylinders is not subject to the UN identification number and proper shipping name marking or the label requirements of this part subject to the following conditions:

Which is the correct un number 1201 to 1300?

UN 1001 to UN 1100 UN Number Proper Shipping Name UN 1218 Isoprene, inhibited UN 1219 Isopropanol or isopropyl alcohol UN 1220 Isopropyl acetate UN 1221 Isopropylamine