What did Henri Bourassa believe in?

Henri Bourassa
Region Western philosophy
School Nationalism, pacifism, social conservatism, ultramontanism
Main interests French Canadian nationalism, Canadian nationalism, Catholic social teaching
Notable ideas “Two founding peoples”, language rights in Canada, Canadian autonomy, Canadian neutrality

What did Bourassa do?

During his time in power, Bourassa implemented policies aimed at protecting the status of the French language in Quebec. In 1974, he introduced Bill 22, which declared French to be the sole official language of the province.

Is Bourassa still alive?

Deceased (1933–1996)
Robert Bourassa/Living or Deceased

When was Henri Bourassa born?

September 1, 1868
Henri Bourassa/Date of birth

What nationality is the name Bourassa?

Southern French
Southern French: from a diminutive of French Bourrasse (see Bouras).

Where does the last name Bourassa originate from?

Early Origins of the Bourassa family The surname Bourassa was first found in Auvergne, a historic province in south central France. Early documents show Claude Bourrachot, a Sulpicien (a member of the Society of Priests of St. Sulpice) born in Lenax (Allier) who entered in the company of St. Sulpice at the age of 28.

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