What does a filter minder do?

The Filter Minder is an air filter service indicator that monitors air filter restriction and indicates when the air filter should be serviced. As the air filter gets dirty, the yellow position indicator moves in the clear window of the service indicator and locks at the highest point.

What does a fuel filter vacuum switch do?

The 2011-2016 LML trucks were equipped with a vacuum switch to notify the drive when the fuel filter has become dirty or clogged. When a aftermarket lift pump is installed this switch can leak fuel due to a torn diaphragm. This plug will remove the switch from the fuel system to stop or prevent the leak.

How do you reset filter minder?

Reset the indicator by pushing the yellow reset at the end of the indicator. Another type of air filter service indicator is the Filter Minder® Single Position Service Indicator. The clear window turns red when maximum recommended restriction has been reached.

Why does my Duramax keep saying change fuel filter?

So the issue is either dirty fuel filters, kinking or worn out rubber lines, overzealous tuning that the lift pump can’t keep up with( highly unlikely) or a bad switch. You’ll be surprised just how much residual drop there is from that pump to the filter head.

How do you reset an air filter change indicator?

The Filter Minder® should be reset whenever the service indicator is checked to determine air filter restriction or when a new air filter is installed. Push the reset button at the end of the service indicator, and the position indicator will return to zero.

How do you reset your fuel filter?

Without pressing the pedals, turn the ignition key to the on position without starting the engine. Wait five seconds. Completely press the brake and the accelerator pedals simultaneously and hold for ten seconds. The system is now reset.

How long does a Duramax fuel filter last?

GM recommends replacing the fuel filter every 15,000 miles on 2001 to 2010 model year trucks and ever 22,500 miles (or as indicated by the instrument cluster display) for 2011 to 2016 model year trucks.

How often do you change air doctor filters?

Based on the air quality in the average home in the United States and Canada and 24/7 operation, the Gas Trap VOC filter should last 6 months and the UltraHEPA™ filter should last a full 12 months before they need to be replaced.

How often should a Duramax fuel filter be changed?

Change your LLY’s engine oil and filter at least once every 6 months and your fuel filters once a year. Keep an eye on your air filter and change it as needed.

Where are the switches on a filter Minder?

Switches Visual Indicator + Switch – unique Filter Minder system provides both visual and electrical monitoring. Switch Only – electrical monitoring signal sent to a remote “time to service filter” light located in the equipment cab.

What does filter Minder air filter indicator do?

Filter Minder products connect to air intake and fuel filtration systems, keeping tabs on filtration performance and life by communicating filter status visually, electronically and remotely. Filter Minder products are the gold-standard for air intake indicators, switches and sensors. They provide optimal performance and value.

What does the non locking air filter switch do?

Continuously monitoring engine air filters, the Filter Minder® Non-Locking Air Switch triggers an air filter warning light directly or via … Continuously monitoring engine fuel filters, the Filter Minder® Non-Locking Fuel Switch triggers fuel filter warning light directly or via engine computer.

What does the graduated filter Minder fuel filter gauge do?

The graduated Filter Minder® Fuel Filter gauge monitors the suction side fuel filter on diesel engines and offers a wide … The graduated Filter Minder® Pressure gauge is a great product for accurately monitoring exhaust backpressure and other mid-range pressure applications.