What does Geet mean Geordie?

great, large
Geet – great, large.

What does Wey Aye mean?

Well Yes, of course
Wey-Aye: An emphatic exclamation of reply meaning “Well Yes, of course!” occasionally coupled with the word ‘man’ as in the perceived archetypal Geordie phrase “Wey-Aye Man” that is most often overused by novice Geordie imitators. Why-Aye: Misspelling and mispronunciation of Wey-Aye or Whey-Aye (See Wey-Aye).

What does howay mean in Geordie?

come on
Howay: An encouraging phrase from Tyneside meaning ‘come on’ – ‘Howay the lads’ is chanted at Newcastle United football matches. Howay is Tyneside. See also Haway.

How do Geordies say goodbye?

You’ll often hear us say ‘gan canny, man”, used to say goodbye, take care or take it easy. Belta is another term meaning something is excellent.

Do the English have Viking blood?

From this, it was calculated that the modern English population has approximately 6% Danish Viking ancestry, with Scottish and Irish populations having up to 16%. Additionally, populations from all areas of Britain and Ireland were found to have 3-4% Norwegian Viking ancestry.

Where does the word Geordie come from in English?

Ooo! Geordie: A native of Tyneside and especially Newcastle. Historically seems to have been a term for a North East pitman and not just those from Newcastle. See Who is a Geordie?

Which is the best way to understand a Geordie?

This list will help you understand a Geordie and tell you what all the popular phrases mean. Ever wondered what a Geordie was saying to you? Fear not, this list is perfect for you.

What is the meaning of the Geordie saying workyticket?

Geordie saying: workyticket. Non Geordie translation: someone being mischievous or downright annoying. Usage: “The bairn’s being a propa workyticket, if he’s not careful there’ll be nee kets this week.”. Can also be used as a verb, as in to work one’s ticket, meaning to behaving in a vexing manner.

What does it mean to be a Geordie in Newcastle?

Being so far north means it can get a bit ‘nippy’ in Newcastle. And in case you hadn’t already guessed: nippy means cold in the Geordie dialect. Another easy one, ‘Toon’ means “Town”. Newcastle is often referred to by both tourists and locals as The Toon.